Bass vs. Trout Fishing: Which one is best?

Bass vs Trout Fishing

Being an angler you mainly have to note down the complete knowledge about the two fish species before comparison. The anglers need to improve their fishing skills before targeting the species they want to capture. Although both species lie in freshwater and have different fishing techniques, their aggressiveness also varies. Even though trout and bass … Read more

Components of a Fishing Reel and their Uses

Parts of fishing reels

It’s crucial to understand the pieces of a fishing reel and what they do while learning how to fish. Open-face spinning reels are a popular term for spinning reels. Because they are easier to handle and less prone to tangling than baitcasting reels, they are the most popular type of reel for novices. Reel body … Read more

Best Temperature to catch Salmon Fish

Best temperature to catch Salmon fish

Find the treasured and greatest fighting fish in American Waters named Salmon. Many fishermen miss the significance of water temperature for these wandering fish, which limits their ability to acquire more salmon. Depending on the type of fish, different temperatures are better for fishing. Whereas catfish, bluegill, and bass prefer warmer water, walleye, salmon, and … Read more

What are Kayak Paddle Shafts?

Kayak Paddle Shafts

The kayak paddle will be among the most crucial pieces of equipment you own as a kayaker. The piece of gear you’ll be using all day and what will move you through the sea is a kayak paddle. It can be difficult to choose a kayak paddle among the various variations available. Paddles for kayaks come … Read more

What is the difference between Fishing Rod and Pole?

Fishing Rod vs. Fishing Pole

Many anglers who are novices in fishing get confused in point that fishing rods and fishing poles are the same or not! Moreover which one is better to use? What are the best conditions to use a fishing rod and pole? The terms fishing rods and fishing poles may be familiar to you if you’ve … Read more

Centrepin Reels and how to use them

Centrepin reels and their use

The two most common styles of centrepin reels are traditional true pins and centrepins with bearings. The spool of the genuine pin revolves around the pin itself. The end float of the spool can be adjusted using a grub screw in the hub. Smooth ball racers or something comparable are inside the spool of centrepins … Read more

Best Fishing Reels to catch Bass

Best Bass Fishing Reel

Since there are so many alternatives when it relates to fishing equipment, there are a lot of questions regarding what hooks to use, what sizes are ideal for various rigs, whatever rod strength and action mixtures are optimal for particular situations, and even which tools to employ when simple compressing split shot. Without choosing the … Read more

How do you mount a Trolling Motor to a Kayak?

Kayak trolling

Before knowing how to do a kayak trolling motor mount the kayaker must have appropriate knowledge about a trolling motor. Despite paddling and bothering the fish or other creatures in the water, you can propel your kayak over the water with the support of a trolling engine. Fishing kayak trolling motor mounts are popular, and … Read more

How to dress up for Kayak Fishing?

Dressing for kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a fantastic outdoor sport in which you get close to the sea level and be straight up in the winds and waves. Kayak fishing can be a wonderful experience yielding amazing results. However, you might want to consider concealing your clothing when fishing from a kayak as you are in a more … Read more

How to choose the best fishing lines for Bass?

Best fishing line for bass

The appropriate gear is essential when bass fishing since it may have a major impact. You’ll find additional bass, hook more bass, and regularly catch bigger bass if you get the components right. The fishing line constitutes one of the most important parts of a properly tuned bass fishing rig. Utilize monofilament or fluorocarbon line of … Read more