5 Best Pike Lures for Northern Pike- Expert Opinion and Reviews 2023

Besides Bass and Trout, many anglers love to catch Northern Pike. Do you know about Northern Pike? If not, I am providing here a complete guide about the Northern Pike guide, how to catch them, and the perfect fishing lures for Northern pike. Northern Pike is a famous freshwater fish species, having elongated and flattened bodies. Because of their fierce hunting habit, northern pike is among the most sought-after game fish worldwide.

Like all other fish species, anglers also need to have the best rods, reels, lines, and lures in their tackle box to catch Northern Pike. The shallow, heavily vegetated inshore regions of cooler lakes, lethargic streams and riverside backwaters are preferred by northern pike. Pike-specific lures are just as fascinating, frequently sporting vivid colors and distinctive patterns that draw the fish’s interest even from a great distance. Here is some best pike lures that I have ever used for catching Northern Pike.

Top Fishing Lures for Northern Pike

What are the top pike fishing lures? A spoon, perhaps? Buzzbait, spinnerbait, or topwater lure? We are prepared to respond to that. The else is up to you, including how to pick the most effective bait to capture your intended species.

Booyah Pike Spinner Bait


  • Color: Red Craw
  • Size: ½ ounce
  • Item Weight: 14 grams
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
  • Material: Other
Booyah Pike Spinner Bait


  • Provides huge durability
  • Great action that gets more bites
  • Excellent quality
  • Blades spin very easily
  • Amazing bait for novice anglers


  • May get rusty after a short time

Product Overview

If you are fishing in the dense vegetation that pike tends to prefer, spinnerbaits are a common choice. This is so that the hook’s possibilities of being trapped are decreased by the framed design’s ability to repel weeds away from it. Northern pike and muskies were the primary targets when the Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait was developed.

 The 12-inch steel leader that is supplied prevents the species from eating through your line, while the incredibly robust Vibra-Flx wireframe can resist the species’ teeth. Naturally, the capacity to withstand a strike only counts if you are attracting bites, and this half-ounce spinnerbait is nearly certain to do so because of its two willow blades and Silo-Tex skirt.

Although the latter imitates the swaying motion of a distressed baitfish, the former produces an appealing vibration and shine. The whole appearance is enhanced with a genuine fish face with an enlarged eye and colored gill plate.  The hook size for the bait is ½ oz and has different colors available. You can either choose from Shad, Glowtreuse, Sunfish, Midnight, and Shadtreuse. But the prices may vary!

River2Sea Topwater Lure


  • Color: Loon
  • Material: Metal
  • Item Weight: 0.26 lbs
  • Target Genus: Largemouth bass, Muskellunge, Striped Bass, Northern Pike
River2Sea Topwater Lure


  • Easy to use
  • Great for striped bass
  • Durability is good
  • Easy to cast


  • Size may get bigger than fish

Product Overview

Topwater lures are famous to catch bigger fish nowadays. In current history, bass fishermen have exploded in demand for this lure. The lure was initially intended to catch musky, and it is shockingly lethal on those fish. In addition to the top raider described below, this musky lure is one of the most durable in the business, which contributes to its outstanding performance.

 In contrast to many other baits, this one can withstand more abuse from toothy creatures because of its design and robust body composition. This is excellent for pursuing fish that are more ferocious or energetic. For pike and musky, the 190-sized whopper plopper is effective. Bass fishermen prefer the 130 size, which is a size reduction. Targeting pike is also successful with this size.

If you want to target bass species or any other species you can also vary lures according to them. For bass, I will recommend you to choose the best bass lures to make your day full of fun.

Rapala Super Shad Rap


  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: 5.5 inch
  • Item Weight: 0.01 pounds
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
Rapala Super Shad Rap


  • Super Natural Baitfish
  • Behaves as life-like patterns
  • Outstanding action and held up great to strong fish
  • Best Color Schemes
  • Great on the Troll
  • Casts Fairly well


  • Not a very durable lure

Product Overview

Rapala lures are the most effective lures to catch fish. The Rapala Super Shad Rap, which is 5.5 inches long, is the plus-sized variation of the company’s tried-and-true Shad Rap and is perfect for pursuing northern pike and muskies. It includes heavy-duty gear that can withstand powerful blows and can be thrown or trolled. This incorporates two razor-sharp VMC black nickel treble lures and stainless steel through-wire design to prevent the crankbait from dissolving when caught by powerful jaws.

 The swimming depth of the lure, which weighs 1.625 ounces, is 5 to 9 feet. Premium Balsa wood was used to create the body. It is hand-tuned and tank-tested so that it swims naturally right out of the package, and the baitfish profile resembles the foraging habits of pike. Lifelike designs like mullet, perch, or shad support this illusion.

Choose highly noticeable color patterns including Redhead or Firetiger when the weather is cloudy or the water is murky. This is a fantastic all-purpose lure that may also be employed for saltwater fish. Using Rapala Super Shad will not disappoint you in fishing northern pike.

Johnson Silver Minnow


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Blend
  • Size: One size
  • Weight: 0.04 pounds
  • Grip Size: Array
Johnson Silver Minnow


  • Hooks sharply
  • Excellent product with great action
  • Best to catch largemouth bass and pike


  • A little bit expensive

Product Overview

Being an angler, you can never miss Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon in your tackle box. Because of how well-rounded it is, this lure has won the top rank on our list. It has a pure silver plating over a brass blade made for prolonged casting, making it the flashiest lure you’ve ever seen. Any pike won’t miss the dazzling mirror, rain or shine.

Most significantly, it is weed-free. It can easily navigate through dense undergrowth, where the large pikes are, thanks to the metal weed guard. Furthermore, the spontaneous wobble perfectly replicates baitfish. The Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon is a great bait for catching northern pike. Don’t fill your tackle box without this lure otherwise, you may not catch what you desire.

In case of trout, you should take the best trout lures in your tackle box. They will guide you in catching trout the best way along with the reels, lines and rods.

Dardevle Original Dardevle Spoon


  • Color: Yellow Red Diamond
  • Size: 1/8  oz
  • Weight: 0.11 lbs
  • Number of Species: 1
  • Target Species: Northern Pike, Bass, Walleye
Dardevle Original Dardevle Spoon


  • High-quality material
  • Decent lure ad price
  • Best for all conditions
  • Most effective for all fishing lures
  • Absolutely irresistible to Pike


  • Durability may disturb due to small size

Product Overview

Although pike spoons come in an incredible range of forms, dimensions, and hues, for many fishermen the Eppinger Original Dardevle Spoon remains the best option. This traditional lure, which was made in the USA, has been demonstrated compelling to pike (as well as other freshwater gamefish) for more than a century. Its concave shape gives it a distinctive wriggling and wobbling motion that emits all the flash and vibration required to draw a recorded water wolf’s concentration.

The spoon holds 0.75 ounces and is constructed of metal with just one treble hook that is extremely sharp. From the traditional red/white stripe to even more contemporary novelties such as rainbow trout and mackerel, a wide range of sizes and colors are offered. The yellow/red diamond design that is featured here is considered by many fishing professionals to be the ideal complement to your toolbox. According to your choice and the circumstances on any particular day, you can either throw or trot the spoon.

Where to drop lure and Pike location?

There are several aquatic features that are very likely to contain pike. Examine drop-offs, which are known as predator-holding areas. Predators like pike can rest in the deeper water and wait for target fish to enter or exit the shallows before striking. Check all structures as well because pike often hides in them. Pike prefer to wait in a shadowed, covert location before charging out to snare a fish that wanders into their area of interest. Moorings on rivers and canals are also worthwhile targets, particularly those occupied over the winter, as even a minor rise in the temperature of the water beneath the ship can attract small fish, and the pike may pursue.

Employ lures to catch pike in these areas to assist you to find them more quickly. Move around and make a few throws in each location, regardless of whether you’re fishing in a canal, river, or lake until you succeed to get a touch or response with your bait. This will frequently reveal where pike is holding up while they wait to attack shoals of baitfish. Then, you can use dead baits or other techniques to approach this area in the hopes of catching several fish.

Which time is best to catch Northern Pike?

There are a number of factors that anglers need to think about when pursuing pike. The moment of the day, the sort of lures we employ, and the weather are all crucial variables. Because pike will eat almost anything you put directly in front of them, the time of day has a significant impact on their location in the water.

To catch Northern Pike in the ideal times, you must check the overall experiences of anglers based on their personal observation. Keep in mind that pike can be caught continuously; you simply need to change your fishing techniques to locate the larger specimens. Finding pike is crucial since they are aggressive by nature and will bite whatever you throw at them.

Identifying features of a Pike fishing lure

The major things the anglers should consider before buying pike lures are given below;

Cost Buy a Pike Lure Below $10

If you are going towards the majority of top-notching lures like spooners, swimbaits or spinnerbaits, its okay to take them. Because the average price they have is 10$, if you can afford you must take them. However, a hand-made lure that serves as both an efficient bait and a work of art might cost more than triple that. These have incredibly lifelike baitfish patterns, internal support structures for increased durability, and plastic products that can give the lure a genuine flexibility as it is moving.

Material Construction – Check Material Before Buying Pike Lures

Incorporating sparkling metal pieces and soft materials meant to resemble a bait fish’s moving fins. The spinnerbaits offer a little more flair. They are supported by a robust metal wire frame. Additionally, certain swimbait lures have a spontaneous shimmy to mimic the floating motion of real bait and are manufactured entirely of transparent material.

The majority of Spooner lures are made of curved metal that enables them to float, shimmer, and bob in the water. They are frequently equipped including one or maybe more nickel lure hooks. Old traditional bait lures are typically made of metal, plastic, or wood and include at least one or two bait hooks. Occasionally, they combine all three materials.

DesignThree Categories of Pike Lures

Pike lures can generally be divided into three categories. Rather than resembling bait fish, spoons are made to glow, flutter, and vibrate in order to attract fish even from a mile. Although soft plastic lures exist in a range of sizes and colors and mimic the motions of small minnow fish, you can throw out a lure that corresponds with the fish present in the water. There are also in-line spinners, which spin as you keep moving the line to create vibrations that draw in pike, who are drawn to both bright colors and action.

Final Words

Many northern Pike fishermen have vivid nightmares about pike and for good cause. Few other fishing activities can compare to the excitement of catching pike because they are simple to lure and enjoyable to catch. I have tried to provide the best pike lures to catch them in all seasons. Use all the possible strategies, rods, lures, reels, and lines to make your fishing trip successful. If you want to get more review you can go to msn(best Pike lures) that will surely guide you in choosing the right product.

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