Best Telescopic Fishing Rod 2023 (Reviews + Buying Guide)

The very first time I was introduced to telescopic rods was during my childhood when they were not so advanced. I often went to the fishing spots to make my vacation best, especially with my grandfather, and learned a lot of things. That is why I mainly prefer the anglers. If they are going fishing with their kids they should prepare their fishing kit too. Such a kit must contain any of the best telescopic fishing rods like Rigged & Ready Fishing Rig, Daiwa Ballistic telescopic spinning rod, and some others.

A rod with numerous sections that may collapse and expand is known as a telescopic fishing rod. Choosing a high-quality telescopic fishing rod is beneficial as working with is efficient due to its durability. Besides durability, each angler must take into account the power, quality, affordability as well and length for the best results.

In this post, we will cover about 12 best telescopic fishing rods for all the anglers who are thinking of which rod is suitable. All the rods I am going to describe in the post are based on my personal experience as well as some of my friends who like to use telescopic rods. However, I will especially mention the Kingswell telescopic fishing rod and reel combo which is my favorite. The reason is its lightweight, portability, durability, and high-quality. So let us start exploring what are the top rods that are helpful in different fishing trips.

6 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods – Choose among the best one

Choosing a rod is suitable if you find it the best portable fishing rod and can equally benefit from its features. Let us make a list of the top 6 telescopic rods with their features and why any angler should use them.

  1. Daiwa Megaforce Tele Telescopic, All-Round Fishing Rod – Lightweight, well-balanced, and best to use in surf fishing.
  2. Plusinno Telescopic Fishing combo – Ultra smooth, lightweight, and powerful
  3. Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod –  Pretty awesome, Best Overall, and contains a dedicated jeep fishing setup
  4. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Pole – Best for saltwater freshwater  fishing with the best probability
  5. Rigged & Ready Fish Rig – Super lightweight, strong telescopic fishing rod
  6. Daiwa Ballistic  X Telespin Telescopic Rods – Fast Action Rod

Daiwa Megaforce Tele, Telescopic All-Round Fishing Rod – Best for Surf Fishing

Since most of the best telescopic fishing rods are created for surf fishing, one of them is the best Daiwa Mega Tele Telescopic fishing rod. Let us explore its features, pros, cons, and product description;


  • Rod Brand – Daiwa
  • Rod Length – 11 Feet / 3.30 meters
  • Material – Carbon Fiber Carbon Fibre Eva Cork Eva Handle
  • Number of Pieces – One
  • Parts & Guides – 6
  • Casting Weight – 10 to 40 grams / 0.35 to 1.41 ounces
  • Rod Power – Medium
Daiwa Megaforce Tele, Telescopic Allround Fishing Rod

PROS of Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod

  • Very light and compact telescopic rod.
  • High Quality Material
  • Steady and Well fit after extending length
  • Easy to handle and easy to fix.

Cons of Daiwa Megaforce Telescopic Fishing Rod

  • A little high Priced
  • The rod may crack earlier
  • May get a weak rod tip

Product Description

Making a comparison of the Daiwa MegaForce Tele telescopic rod now and then back in the years now the quality is very much improved. The design with various changes has included advanced components in the rod. Since the product is made of carbon fiber and is lightweight it provides an excellent bending curve to the anglers while struggling for the target. Now it contains more good casting abilities and includes titanium oxide guides that help in providing additional support to the speed as well as resilience. 

Besides, there is no slack with the titanium oxide guides, and are extremely smooth along with corrosion-resistant properties. Its ideal length makes it the best option for Surf fishing. Also, the rod is much more flexible in providing a good cast to target the fish. Those who prefer to go ice fishing and want to buy a suitable rod must check on the best ice fishing rods to make their fishing trip wonderful.

Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Combo – Fishing Rod & Reel Combos

Just like other telescopic products, each one has certain advantages and disadvantages, anglers must not ignore the Pulsino fishing rod and reel combo.


  • Brand – Plusinno
  • Rod Length – 2.1, 1.8 meters
  • Material – Carbon Fibre
  • Rod Power – Medium
  • Number of Sections – 6 to 9
Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Combo

PROS of Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Combo

  • Balances Rod cost and quality
  • Hard and Durable Fishing Pole
  • Gears Equipped for high-strength
  • Portable and Convenient
  • Perfect Elasticity with stainless steel hooded Reel Seat

CONS of Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Combo

  • Slightly Low Quality

Product Description

The Plusinno Telescopic fishing rod is one of the best fishing rods that are specially designed for novices with perfect elasticity. The fishing kit contains the necessary fishing accessories making it clear for the anglers that the price is not too high. The rod is designed in such a way that they are portable and convenient to take anywhere. The fishing reel that comes with it is amazingly smooth but if the rod goes for composite it becomes slightly low in quality. The best thing about using any fishing product for the Pulsino brand is that they take care of customer service. 

If anything you have ordered just like the rod and there comes some defect, make contact with the brand by using an official email. Send them some screenshots and you will get the product again without paying any charges. But one thing that I don’t recommend for the anglers is to stay away from full kit. Because the full kit contains lines as well as lures and the lines are often made of low quality. Besides this, I also provide a guide for choosing a fishing Rod if you are buying the rod for the first time.

Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

Along with some amazing features of the Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo let us explore the pros, cons, and other information about the product.


  • Brand: Eagle Claw
  • Color:  Yellow
  • Material: Composite
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Item Weight: 00.4 pounds
  • Rod Power: Medium
  • Number of Sections: 5
Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

PROS of Using Eagle Claw Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

  • Lightweight aluminum reel
  • Efficient design for backpacking and Bikepacking
  • Best for dedicated jeep fishing setup
  • Good addition to light action rods
  • Good Quality as well as compact rod
  • Very versatile handy rod

CONS of Using Eagle Claw Spin Combo Telescopic Rod

  • Garbage Reel
  • No Reverse locking

Product Description

The powerfully built rod is considered the best telescopic rod for many anglers. Of course, the high-quality rod contains many things, especially the stainless steel reel, the ceramic guides, and an EVA handle. As the rod’ design is sturdy but it’s sensitive too so anglers should handle it with care. Although this telescopic rod is efficient for backpacking and pricey, the reel is not as useful as such a fishing rod. The major benefits that this fishing rod credits in its name include its collapsed length as well as lightness. 

Along with the benefits I will not forget to mention the drawbacks of the fishing rod. One of them is the less sensitivity of the fishing rod and durability as compared to other rods. In comparison to this rod, Kingswell has much higher durability but unfortunately, they are now out of stock. If you want to make your fishing experience 100 percent successful for small fish like panfish, using this telescopic rod is a good decision.

Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Pole – Best for Saltwater & Freshwater Fishing

One of the best rods which is amazing to use in freshwater fishing as well as saltwater fishing. But one thing you need to make sure of is to check a detailed comparison of freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing


  • Brand: Sougayilang
  • Material: Graphite
  • Number of Sections: 6-9
  • Rod Power: Medium
  • Rod Length: 5.9 meters
  • Size: Multiple
  • Color: Multiple
Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Pole

PROS of Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Pole

  • A lightweight fishing rod that is simple to use
  • Best for freshwater fishing to catch bass, trout
  • Suitable for saltwater fishing and surf fishing
  • Soft and comfortable Eva handle
  • Stainless steel hooded steel reel
  • Superior quality with versatile fishing compatibility
  • Premium Durability with graphite reel seats and stainless steel guides

CONS of Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Pole

  • Quality may collapse unfortunately

Product Description

The construction of travel rods Sougayilang is made in such an efficient way that they collapse for easy storage. The rod has good length and as a result, converts to the pro telescopic fishing rod as they are so compact and portable. Although the rod is lightweight and durable the main component that makes this rod attain good durability is carbon. I have ever found to be in less fatigue while using this rod due to perfect balance and stainless steel line guides. 

Since the rod is best to use for both freshwater and saltwater fishing you have the chance to cover a variety of fishing by using such an efficient telescopic fishing rod. Besides carbon material, the comfortable EVA handle also gives less fatigue while using the fishing rod. In short, I would say that these rods are easy to carry as well as good to use. 

Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180 – Super lightweight Telescopic Fishing Rod

The telescopic rod has various features but the major ones are super lightweight and strong. Let us explore some more features, pros, and cons of the rod.


  • Brand: Rigged & Ready Travel Fishing
  • Material: Silicon
  • Rod Length: 180 centimeters
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Casting Weight: The dependent factor is its tip but the weight can be up to 15 g or 10-30 g
  • Travel Length: 49 centimeters
Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180

PROS of Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180

  • Super Lightweight telescopic fishing rod
  • Soft Action and High Quality
  • Compact in use
  • 2 or more tips
  • Unique, durable, innovative
  • Affordable fishing rod
  • Strong, flexible, and sensitive
  • Ability to cast very light lures
  • Sturdy in size and versatile in use

CONS of Rigged & Ready Fish Rig 180

  • Smaller rod only supports up to 15 grams.

Product Description

One of the best telescopic fishing rods is the Rigged & Ready Fish rig which is famous for its super lightweight. There are a lot of benefits of using the rod for fishing but the major one includes the two carbon tips. The major fish species that are easily targeted by the Rigged and Ready fish rig rod are perch, mackerel, and other predatory fish. However, one specification of these species is that they weigh up to 2-3lb. 

As I have mentioned, the rod contains two removable carbon tips, so you can easily adjust it for the type of fishing you are going for. Such a collapsible fishing rod has multi-functions which anglers can carry easily making it perfect for different fishing adventures. If you are choosing the rod with a longer length and powerful rod tip you can support lures for about 30g.

Such rods also provide improved casting distance of the rod and have good power capacity. But in comparison to the smaller length rod, the lure support would not be for about 30g and would reduce to 15g. Indeed, the power capacity would not be so brilliant but still you can excellently use them in streams and small rivers.

Daiwa Ballistic X Telespin Telescopic Rod – Fast Action Rod

Just like all other superb rods, Daiwa Ballistic X Telespin of course contains some exceptional properties that can’t be ignored. Let us explore what things make it highly suggested by expert anglers;


  • Brand: Daiwa
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Pieces: One
  • Rod Length: 6”2” to 10’8”
  • Collapsible Length: 1’10” to 2’10” or 27.16 inches
  • Weight: 5.64 ounces
Daiwa Ballistic X Tele Spin Telescopic Rod

PROS of Daiwa Ballistic Telespin Telescopic Rods

  • High-quality telescopic fishing rods
  • Extremely Light rod
  • Torsion resistant
  • High Quality Cork on the handle
  • Cast Exceptionally Precise

CONS of Daiwa Ballistic Telespin Telescopic Rods

  • Designed especially to target smaller predatory fish

Product Description

Are you looking for a lightweight and torsion-resistant telescopic rod? If yes, I would really suggest the best telescopic fishing rod to be the Daiwa Ballistic Telespin Telescopic fishing rod. The fast action rod works exceptionally with the smaller predator fish and contains a sensitive tip. The rod is designed exceptionally to cast precisely with quality specifications.

The rod can amazingly deal with the smaller as well as medium predators with high-quality cork. Such telescopic fishing rods provide good fish and bait contact to the angler. As a result, the anglers can easily target their predators. More you will get by experiencing the collapsible rod, just follow the tips to use the rod carefully and go for it.

Why Choose a Telescopic Fishing Rod? A Difference between Telescopic and Traditional Rod

A common question that comes to the mind of any angler is why they should go for the telescopic fishing rod. As I have been an avid angler since my childhood, it is a matter of keen interest for me to do massive research on traditional and telescopic fishing rods. The telescopic rods are hollow as they are constructed and they have the capacity to be fully extended. Although, they are designed on the basis of all the advancements any person who is going to buy them will find them cheaper.

One of the basic advantages of telescopic rods over traditional ones is that they are highly portable and easy to transport. But it is very difficult for the traditional rods as they are bulky and difficult to transport. Besides the telescopic rods are lightweight but very less durable and that is why they are not recommended for large fish. Unveil the key differences between fishing rod and pole before buying any fishing rod.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Telescopic Fishing Rod

Of course, there must be some criteria that the users must have to check out while buying the telescopic fishing rod. What major things I keep in mind while choosing a rod include the length, material, rod’s power, and action. I think these features are good enough, however, anglers may have a look at some other things.

Check out Collapsible Rod’s Action and Power

One of the major things that you will discover while using the telescopic rod is that they are not sensitive. Since the rod contains a number of sections you will see as soon as the tip bends more likely that all sections of the rod will bend. As a result, you have to start targeting with a slow action rod that is not favorable. Since many anglers choose fast-action fishing rods they go for them and skip telescope rods for such action. 

Now If I have a look at the rod’s power, what I see is the fish for which I am going to use the telescope rod. As these rods are specially designed for small fish like panfish, choosing a medium rod is absolutely a good choice. But if you are going for medium-weighed fish, the rod’s power must be medium-heavy. In the same way, if you are going to experience the rod to target larger fish like bass you must choose a heavy rod. Have a look at the best fly rods if you have an interest in fly fishing and share your experience with other beginner anglers.

Collapsed Length Vs Extended Length – A Comparison

To ensure are telescopic rods good for fishing each angler must take into account the collapsed length and the extended length. For this purpose, I am making a comparison among both making it easier for anglers to determine which one is best to use. Choosing a collapsed length is of course wonderful as they have the ability to fit in the luggage. The rods with extended lengths will not adjust in the luggage but they will give you more casting distance to catch your target.

 The basic advantage the anglers get with the collapsed length for the best telescopic fishing rod is to take it anywhere without any difficulties. But the extended length has benefits for surf anglers. If you are choosing a rod with 8 feet length while going for surf fishing you can easily target panfish. But it is advisable to take rod length for about 10 feet in case you are going to target. There is no need to use an extended-length telescope rod if anyone is not going for surf fishing.  If you are going for a large target and you like bass I would recommend you choose the best bass fishing rods.

Number of Sections – A Comparison of Shorter & Longer Length

As the telescopic rods contain a lot of sections this does not always provide benefits to the anglers. Although by choosing a rod with large sections, your rod’s length will increase, you know what I get as a result while experiencing it! There are more chances of error while setting the rod and reaching the target becomes difficult. I have also done a wide research on different types of fishing rods making it nearly possible to make my fishing trip successful. If you have a good fishing experience, I will recommend you to experience multiple sections but keep in mind you may not dent or crease each section.

I mainly have a check on surf fishing and while having a talk with my friends who ever go for surf fishing there were some findings. Anglers who are going to surf Fishing (Fishing while standing on the shoreline) you should choose a rod that can fit in your luggage. There is no need to choose a long rod while going surf fishing and take up some sections of the best telescopic rod to reduce the chances of error. So the thing to keep in mind that is very confusing for many anglers is that;

For a short collapsed fishing rod you will get a larger number of sections while for a long collapsed rod, you will get a smaller number of sections. But this is only for those who are going for Surf Fishing so ensure that you are not choosing the wrong option.

Choose a Rod with High-Quality Material

What an angler should take into consideration while choosing among the best telescopic is the high-quality material. Your rod should be made of such material that its strength is flexible, durable, and great strength. In order to choose such a durable fishing rod I mainly prefer to craft from a fiberglass material, graphite, and maybe a mixture of both. If you are choosing a graphite material rod there is a chance of not getting a high-modulus graphite. But this is not an issue if you are capable of choosing all other things accurately.

Choose a Reel Seat with Solid Quality

Choosing a reel seat while buying a telescopic fishing rod is beneficial as people must have to choose a reel seat with solid quality. Buying a reel seat with solid quality mainly refers to the fact that it would not crack easily. In case of the best durability god for aluminum or stainless steel material for reel seat. Let us check out what advantages one can have by buying an aluminum or stainless steel material for a reel seat.

  • The best attribute of aluminum is its high level of wear and tear resistance, which makes it very durable. If you are going to handle heavy loads these reel seas are excellent in use due to durability and strength. An aluminum reel seat is perfect for providing powerful casts as well as targeting larger fish.
  • While researching about the stainless steel reel seat I found that they are highly resistant to corrosion and rust. As a result, they have the quality of choosing them for rough conditions and that is why they are recommendable for saltwater fishing.

Among aluminum and stainless steel reel seats, the more corrosion resistant is the aluminum. Many anglers also go for carbon fiber but they are less durable.  If you are going to choose the most durable reel seat just go for aluminum without thinking.

Why would someone choose a telescoping fishing rod?

Of course, every angler does research before buying a rod and checks out what benefits they can have by using collapsible rods. So let’s have a look at the perks and advantages of using a telescopic rod given below;

  • Convenience for Backpack: They are much more convenient to pack in luggage if they are collapsible and can easily be taken from one place to another.
  • Portability – Besides the convenience of taking the rods easily, the portability of the telescopic rods is good enough to make them choose. Their portability makes anglers able to find the areas easily to fish where the traditional rods can’t reach.
  • Best Mobility – There is no need to have a check on the rod tip while working with a telescopic surf rod as they are highly mobile in working.
  • Lightweight- Their lightweight makes the fishing adventures full of fun and success. Anglers can easily cast and maneuver. There is no need to strain your arms while using a lightweight telescopic fishing rod as they can easily cast with your line.
  • Durability – A fishing adventure can only be successful if your rod is highly durable. Since a collapsed telescopic fishing rod has layers reinforcing over each other, therefore, they are more durable as compared to the regular fishing rod.
  • Best for Low Budget – If you are going to choose a high-quality telescopic fishing rod, still your bank balance is safe. This means that you don’t have to spend much to buy such rods and utilize your budget for other fishing equipment.

Drawbacks of using the Telescopic Fishing Rods

  • Slow Action – The major disadvantage of using the telescopic rod is their slow action based on their sensitivity  Since they contain so many sections they lead to a slow action.
  • Collapsibility (Dented & Creased) – The collapsable fishing rod has the ability to dent and crease easily and you may not retract it again.
  • Alignment of Guides – Due to the uneven distribution of guides or alignment is not done in a good way, your rod will break.
  • Human Error – In comparison to traditional fishing rods telescopic rods have less durability. Ensure that there is no human error. Trying a baton expands in flash over your telescopic rod will completely ruin it. Besides, if you don’t know the closing or opening of the rod and do it wrongly, your rod will get damaged.

Finalizing it off!

In other words, I have made the post much more beneficial for my readers even if they are not going to choose among the above 6 best telescopic fishing rods. If you are going to make a criteria for buying the best telescopic fishing rod I would suggest you read the valuable information given above to choose the fishing rod. If you are finding the product description very valuable just click on the button to buy it and make your fishing experience amazing.

Important Questions Asked by People about Best Telescopic Rods

If you are going to buy a telescopic fishing rod you must have to check certain things. These things involve material. Weight, length, eyelets (guides), twist, action, and power.

Being a bass angler, those who prefer to use baitcasting rods must go for a variety of telescopic casting rods. The telescopic casting rods are high-density fiber, portable, and adjustable fishing length rods. However, the telescopic fishing rods are not designed for large fish.

If you are planning a trip for fishing with your kids, make a fishing kit for your kids by putting the telescopic rods in their kit. They are good to help them in catching small targets.

In order to choose the best telescopic rod regarding flexibility each angler must check out the material. Choosing a fishing rod made of fiberglass material, graphite, and often a mixture of two is the best choice for a flexible telescopic fishing rod.

According to the telescoping fishing rod reviews the rods can only handle a fish up to 10 lbs. If you are going to buy any stronger model their strength increases to about 20 lbs.