Best Trolling Motor Batteries – Recommendations & Reviews 2023

One common question that I have in my mind whenever I go kayaking is why is there a need for a trolling motor battery. Although I wasn’t so much an experienced angler or kayaker, therefore, this common but simple question flashed into my mind. However, to all kayakers, boat users, and anglers I would like to mention that to keep your boat travel full of pleasure don’t miss out on the best power sources. These power sources indicate the best trolling motor batteries. They mainly keep the trolling motor running on the water optimally with their consistent power.

A trolling motor battery helps provide power to the engine to run for a long period. By choosing a great battery you will get your day full of excitement without complaint. However, a poor battery will leave you over the water to be dead. Therefore, among all the best trolling motor batteries it’s quite hard to choose which one is the best.

In this post, I will guide our users to buy the best trolling motor battery by reading the reviews. You can check the pros and cons of each product making it possible to decide which product is the best one. Besides, we have also provided the cost, construction, and performance under the most difficult fishing conditions.

How to choose the best Trolling Motor Batteries?

One thing that each person should consider is to know how to pick up the battery. The major things that any buyer considers include the cost, performance, and construction.  The most astonishing factor about the best trolling motor batteries isn’t the expensiveness but some other factors.

Avoid dead cell batteries that cause damage and corrosion. If you are looking to choose the best trolling motor battery I suggest you check its durability, reliability, and weight. If the battery is light, and it provides the best performance as well as maintenance, you should go with it. However, there are some products that I have chosen to be the best according to my experience and of course, I would like to share with the buyers.

  • Optima OPT 8016 Batteries – Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery
  • VMAX MR127 12 Volt Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery
  • Mighty Max Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery
  • Interstate Batteries 12V 35Ah Deep Cycle Mobility
  • Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Marine Battery

After discussing the products, I would like to tell you why I have mentioned the above products to be the best ones to buy!

Optima OPT 8016 – Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery


  • Brand: Optima
  • Size: 10 x 6-7/8 x 7-13/16 inch
  • Dimensions: 6.88″D x 10″W x 7.81″H
  • Weight: 43.5 lbs
  • Number of cells: 6
  • Material: Absorbent Glass Mat
  • Reverse Capacity: 120 minutes
  • Amp Hours: 55
Optima OPT 8016
  • Made of 99% more lead
  • Provides 15% more vibrant resistance for durability
  • Works more efficiently as a boat battery or RV battery
  • Three times more recharges than the marine battery
  • Expensive
  • Casing may be damaged

Product Reviews & Recommendations

The recommendation of the product is mostly done as many users say it works like a charm with plenty of power. This plenty of power is often used in the worst conditions. If you are looking for a dual-purpose marine battery, of course, it can do both tasks. Among these tasks include the start of the motorboat and keeping it running over the water.

Besides, the Optima AGM Batteries’ quality and vaulted durability, you will admire the two connection points for both positive and negative. This Blue top starting battery is utilized as a dedicated battery. However, the manufacturers don’t recommend it for cycling duty. If you see the function of the battery is only to start an engine, it is perfect as a marine battery and RV. Whenever, you are going out for kayaking, you must have best polarized sunglasses.

I utilized the battery for both starting and deep cycling. It has proved itself to be a high-cranking power when I utilized it as a deep cycling battery. Besides, trolling motors people have also tested it for marine applications. There is no fear of mounting it as it is completely sealed. Many users claim that the maintenance-free battery makes its reliability much more powerful.

VMAX MR127 12 Volt Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery


  • Brand: VMAX Marine
  • Number of Cells: 6
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12.1 x 6.7 x 8.2 inches
  • Material: AGM Lead Acid
  • Amp Hours: 100
VMAX MR127 12 Volt
  • Long Lasting Performance & top-notch quality
  • Least expensive
  • Powerful, sealed, and incredibly compact
  • Quick and Easy Trickle Charging system
  • Heavy

Product Reviews & Recommendations

The top-notch quality of the VMAX MR127 is the unique chemical structure of its plates. Besides, by checking out other AGM batteries, the cost for this trolling motor battery is much less than others. Users have found these AGM batteries to the 100% maintenance-free and are better than Wet Lead Acid batteries.

 If you are one of those who are looking for a non-spillable and non-hazardous, VMAX is the highly recommended product for you. The battery is heavy but it has plenty of power to be utilized for 3-4 hours easily. One of the great advantages of using this battery is its long time on the lake trolling. Therefore, it is highly recommended by many users due to its long-lasting power.

Mighty Max Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery


  • Brand: Mighty Max Battery
  • Dimensions: ‎7.76 x 5.12 x 7.01 inches
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Amperage: 35Amps
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
Mighty Max Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery
  • Works great with power wheels
  • Top-notch quality
  • Hard to beat for the money
  • Manageable size and weight
  • Plenty of cracking power
  • Not suitable for massive storage

Product Reviews and Recommendations

Are you looking for a good charge as well as long long-lasting trolling battery? The Mighty Max Deep Cycle is for you at a cheap price. There are no wire harnesses and mounting accessories for the users with Mighty Max. What the most users found about the battery is that it is rechargeable, and resists shocks and vibration. If you are going for kayaking for the first time, you must have knowledge about the best kayak that will suit you.

No matter whether you are working in a high temperature or low, the battery works incredibly efficiently in both environments. There is no leakage or maintenance required for the battery and provides suitable efficiency to users in confined and indoor environments. Like all other products, it has a warranty of a year and a 30-day money-back guarantee for the users.

Interstate Batteries 12V 35Ah Deep Cycle Mobility


  • Brand Name: Interstate Batteries
  • Number of cells: six
  • Amp Hour: 35 Amps
  • Weight I lbs: 22 lbs
  • Number of Volts: 12 Volts
Interstate Batteries 12V 35Ah Deep Cycle Mobility
  • High Quality and value for money
  • Works great, especially on a trolling motor of 48 lbs
  • Compact, lightweight, and smaller than other marine batteries
  • Quicker to charge fully
  • Excessive Gassing at a specific charge rate

Product Reviews and Recommendations

What makes the users happy for using these interstate batteries as the best trolling motor battery includes a lot of factors. Among all the trolling motor batteries they are highly ranked for their value, performance, quality, quality, weight, and charge. The spill-proof battery works in an extraordinary way to provide excellent results.

 If you are looking for a compact battery to be used over kayaks and canoes, these interstate batteries are the best one. Since the smaller boats have stack limits, these batteries are mostly used in them. Its little size doesn’t matter so much but it gives amazing battery control to use over hours for a motored kayak. Besides spill spill-proof feature, the battery avoids overpressure and is much appreciated to be used due to its lighter weight.

Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Marine Battery


  • Brand: Minn Kota
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Plugs: 12 Volts
Minn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Marine Battery
  • Perfectly used for small boats
  • Portable Battery compartment
  • Best for transom-mount trolling motors
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Easy to use and works for hours/li>
  • Case is sturdy and built with excellent quality
  • Battery gauge only works when the motor is off for 60 seconds

Product Reviews and Recommendations

Individuals who look for a powerful and lightweight trolling motor battery simply go for it. Besides, all other exceptional features, one of these batteries is perfect for small boats. Though it is not very pricey, it works well with good quality and has a great working battery protector. One of the great product reviews includes the 2 DC outlets working efficiently.

The battery can be charged by outside post and works durably with efficient performance. There is no extra chamber for keeping the battery in the small boats and users can get easy access to the battery terminal. The great advantage of this factor is that users can easily associate the leads of chargers. Good handles provide amazing powers but still, there is something for Minn Kota to keep in mind given below;

  • Avoid attempting to lift the power center as the strap and top handle will not handle its weight and you will be unbalanced.
  • Try to be aware of injuries caused by plastic from digging into your hands, and use gloves while lifting the side handles.
  • Use a ratchet strap that doesn’t lose instead of a cinch strap. Besides don’t remove the lid of the power center while charging the battery.
  • Due to the built-in accessories and circuit breakers its value is enhanced but it is still costly to use.
  • The insulated wingnuts over the battery terminals make the power centers to prevent accidental shocks.

Significant Factors to Consider for the Best Trolling Motor Batteries

If you buy any product there must be some factor that will sure you how durable and reliable the product quality. The same is the thing you will find to get the best trolling motor batteries. There is some defined limit for the run time of the battery depending on the requirements of the users. Let us explore which factors will help you in finding the best trolling motor battery.

Amp Hours (Ah) – The Power Storage

Amp hours are very important to provide the users with an idea of how much power can be stored in the battery. The Deep cycle batteries store power in terms of Amp hours. It is a unit that gives the sum of the charge stored in the battery. Learn the ways to power up kayak trolling motors.

This indicates a single amp current that is released from the battery for 60 minutes. By using a 100 amp hour battery one can provide the 100 amp hours current to the trolling motor engine and the battery will last for 25 hours. However, this factor is only available for the most deep-cycle batteries.

Power hours of trolling motors batteries

Power System – Required Voltage

In the deep cycle batteries, the power system indicates the number of voltages. Since the design of most deep cycle batteries is based on 12 volts, it can control a 24 Volts trolling motor engine. By knowing your engine’s power you can make it smooth that how much volt battery is suitable for your engine.

An Overview of Lithium Batteries as Compared to AGM

Although we have provided much knowledge about AGM, the users may have the situations to use the Lithium batteries. They have the power to run 2x times more than the AGM batteries and traditional lead acid batteries. Their weight is 70% less than the traditional batteries and they are considered the best for the smaller boats.

By studying the lifespan of traditional batteries and using AGM, I have concluded that their life span is only 2-4 years. However, Lithium batteries have a life span of about 10 years. By spending your money on Lithium batteries you can save them for the long run. Lithium batteries provide the full power charge as 100% depth discharge. They have less chance of losing power and capacity as compared to the traditional ones.

More power requires more cranking torque and this is available to the users in the Lithium batteries. With rapid acceleration, there is the least voltage drop for the Lithium batteries that enhances their power. As compared to traditional batteries, Lithium is considered the best trolling motor battery due to its lightweight. However, the choice of buyers still lies in the budget, atmosphere, boat, and fishing conditions.

Points to Observe Before Choosing the Best Battery

Some points help the buyers to decide easily which battery will suit their motor engine. Let us explore the points given below;

  • Note the weight of your container/vessel
  • How much is the push level attained by the engine of your boat?
  • Your angling Style
  • Weather, atmosphere, and water in which you are going to fish.

Important Battery Tips to consider for the best Trolling Motor Battery

By keeping in mind the following tips, one can easily understand how he should buy the best battery for his trolling engine.

  • Don’t mix up different battery types, each one has specific attributes. Avoid mixing the new batteries with the older ones.
  • Never compromise the trickle charge, maintain it. When storing batteries during the off-season, make sure they are kept somewhere dry and cool.
  • Make sure that you check periodically the fluid levels of the wet-cell battery and top it off if required.
  • Periodically check all the terminal connectors to avoid signs of corrosion. If you find them, clean them with baking soda and water.
  • To enhance the longevity and performance of the batteries we recommend users to charge them in their discharged state. Leaving them in a discharged state, and then charging hurriedly will not provide you the optimum performance.
Important Tips to consider Best Trolling Motor Battery

Final Words

Lastly, I would say that there is no excitement in angling if you have chosen a worse battery for the trolling engine. Purchasing the best trolling motor batteries will make you enjoy your experience as well as know which battery provides you with more run-time. One thing to keep in mind for the best battery is that in your drawn-out periods, they will store charge. In this way, you can easily distinguish for the Best or Good battery trolling engine.

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