Best Walleye Fishing Rods for Beginners 2023- Expert Guide

The walleye’s meat is more well-known than its prowess in battle. But, despite how difficult it is to capture, we still value it as a sportfish. A great spinning rod for jigging needs to be powerful enough just to set the hook securely and tackle large fish while also being delicate enough for you to feel that slight take.  Even though they can reach 20 pounds, walleyes possess the lightest bites. To catch the largest walleye, your walleye rod must be both delicate and powerful. Furthermore, it must be lightweight as well, except if you want to become exhausted after a few throws. All the anglers must choose the best walleye fishing rods before going to catch them.

Although walleye aren’t regarded as being particularly fierce fighters, choosing the right rod to capture them is crucial. They possess one of the most delicate attacks of any fish, making it quite challenging to identify their approach. The best walleye fishing rods can offer you to solve this issue and catch more walleye! You should think about your fundamental approach before choosing a walleye rod. Even if you’re casting, trolling, or jigging, there are particular rod types that work best for each approach. Let’s first look at the numerous components and uses of excellent walleye rods preceding moving on.

Top Walleye Fishing Rods

Much like the best bass fishing rod, you really have to purchase the right tools for the job. If you just have one option for a walleye fishing rod, go with a medium-power, fast-action rod. The most adaptable fishing rods for freshwater environments are relatively moderate power rods. Top 5 Walleye fishing rods are as follows:

  • St Croix Premier Spinning Rods
  • Daiwa Bass AirdX Spinning Rod
  • Lew’s Speed Stick Rod Series
  • Okuma Classic Pro GLT Rod
  • Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod

St Croix Premier Spinning Rods


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: UL
  • Rod Action: Fast
  • Power Rating: Light
  • Item Weight: 0.4 pounds
  • Fishing Technique: Spinning
St Croix Premier
  • Premium high quality
  • Exceptional toughness, delicacy, and hook-setting ability
  • Tapers and actions that are precisely adjusted for optimum efficiency
  • Ultrasensitive and very fragile rod
  • More expensive than other rods

This is a traditional St. Croix rod that works well for a variety of uses. Also, the Premier is perfect for this use because it has a longer length of 7’0″ and a rapid action tip, whereas the original version seems somewhat short and weak for throwing or casting jigs. This rod has cork handle grips and a medium-fast action constructed of lightweight graphite. This rod has a line rating of 6 to 12-pound test. Using lures between 1/4 and 5/8 ounces is recommended.

This low-weight rod has an overall length of 6 feet and weighs 3 1/2 ounces. If you were searching for a lightweight rod 4 in travel, this is likely not your best option due to the route’s one-piece construction, which may be a problem for certain people. But, because it is only six feet long, it can be transported on a single vacation in the majority of cars.

It is preferable to select a somewhat longer rod, say 7 feet while casting jigs because you can cast longer with it. Also, because the quick action tip is a little softer, it boots up well throughout the castings, extending the casting distance much farther. Moreover if the anglers are interested in any other species like trout, they can approach best trout rods to catch them easily.

Daiwa Bass AirdX Spinning Rod


  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Multi
  • Size: one size
  • Rod pieces: 5
  • Item weight: 113g
Daiwa Bass
  • Constructed using premium graphite
  • Excellent flexibility and rigidity
  • Comfortable real seat
  • High-quality graphite blank
  • Weird and awkward when trying to reel up

Do not be misled by the name; this is the ideal power/action rod for throwing. This two-piece, seven-foot casting rod is relatively affordable and great for walleye angling. High-grade graphite and aluminum oxide guiding rings are used in their construction. As a result, the rod weight is very light. Excellent for pounding out those crankbaits is the moderate action.

Lew’s Speed Stick Rod Series


  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Multi
  • Grid Type: Split
  • Size: 6’3”
  • Item Weight: 136g
Lew's Speed Stick Rod Series
  • Cheap in price
  • Best for walleye jigging
  • Good choice as a backup rod
  • Design is not so comfortable

The Lew’s Speed Stick, which costs more than $80 an less than $130, is the greatest option for those on a tighter budget. However, it’s still capable of catching a lot of fish even though it doesn’t have the same level of sensitivity and capacity to detect small nibbles as high-end rods. If you’re interested to attempt jig for walleye this is your initial time but aren’t confident you’ll continue to do so frequently in the future, the Lew’s Speed Stick is a terrific option.

It can help you have a memorable first walleye fishing adventure, and if this kind of fishing isn’t your primary goal, you may use it as a backup rod. A comprehensive cork grip and an IM8 graphite blank are included. We advise picking one of the two models that are short and adequate (6’3″ and 6’7″) to work effectively for vertical jigging. There are 8 different styles available for anglers who love to do walleye fishing. They can choose the one which is more comfortable to use.

Okuma Classic Pro GLT Rod


  • Material: Stainless Steel, Glass
  • Color: Gloss Black, Mirror Silver
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel, Graphite
  • Item Weight: 14 ounces
  • Size: 8 feet 6 inch
Okuma Classic Pro GLT Rod
  • A good budget rod
  • Good sensitivity
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Best trolling rod
  • 2 Rod sections are not fitted firmly

Okuma Classic Pro GLT trolling rod has a medium power, two-piece glass fiber design. For a trolling rod that’s going to be exposed to the elements while you catch, the stainless steel rod seat is ideal. I have titanium oxide line guidelines made of stainless steel. It weighs 340 grams, or approximately 12 ounces, compared to the other rods in this evaluation at 8′ 6. These rods have a sturdy design and actions designed especially to be utilized with downriggers, diving discs similar to those made by Dipsy Diver, and copper and lead core sinking wiring.

All Classic Pro GLT Trolling Rods have fiberglass blank, Fuji-style reel seats featuring stainless steel covers, heavy-duty double-foot stainless steel guides, and Fuji-style up-locking reel seats. Hard days on the lake are made more comfortable by the Eva grips. The grips’ butt part has a rubbery, shrink tube covering that increases grip strength for dirty hands and facilitates removal from a rod holder.

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod


  • Rod Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Red
  • Rod Length: 6’6”
  • Rod Power: Medium
  • Rod Action: Fast
  • Line Weight: 6-12 pounds
  • Lure Weight: 1/8 – 3/8 oz
Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod
  • Offers strongest lightweight, durability, and sensitivity than other rods
  • Excellent length to cast perfectly
  • Multiple ranges of line and lure weight options
  • For walleye and some other game species like bass and trout, the right choice
  • Also able to catch inshore species of redfish, speckled fish, and flounder
  • Not a cheap rod

The best walleye fishing rod is the Cadence Fishing CR5 spinning rod. You can employ this particular style of lure for both trolling and jigging. This might be the rod for you if you’re seeking one that you can utilize in any situation. On the outside, the construction quality is excellent: premium carbon, EVA and cork handles, and stainless steel controls with SiC inlays. The best thing about the rod is that it is easily adjustable to fit in the car when you go to travel.

It is smoother and more robust thanks to stainless steel guides with SiC inserts, which help prevent lines from getting stuck in the guides, reduce friction, and improve sensibility by transmitting line oscillations to the rod and your hand. The Cadence CR5 is a great rod. It is extremely flexible and capable of handling a multitude of distinct fishing techniques. Although it looks amazing on paper, the build quality might be better.

Choose the Rod Power

Power is the stiffness of the rod. With a relationship to a rod’s activity rating, more force is needed to bend it the greater the power. The weight of the line and lures the rod may utilize is also determined by power.

Greater game fish-like prize Walleye can be handled by medium-power rods because of their durability. While a fish is fighting, a stronger rod makes it simpler to reel it in. But, during the intense time, some of the sense of the fish struggling is lost. Once you discover your favorite technique with a medium power rod, you also have greater flexibility in the lure choice.

Rod Action

You’ll require a particularly soft rod for an improved feel considering the light strikes that walleye are known for. If you’re jigging, you should ideally buy a rod with rapid or extremely rapid action. If you want to trot, you can stick with the quick rod that is a little stiffer because the lesser movement is not necessary. This one depends on your particular usage situation, so consider your angling approach. The angling rod’s “Action of the rod” describes how much it stretches at the tip. The fewer it bends, the quicker the action is.

When casting, you can be more sensitive and get hook setups more quickly with less bend. The top third of a Fast rod will bend, while the upper half of a Medium rod will break. Choose a Moderate action if you anticipate doing more trolling than casting. Whenever a fish touches the line, a stronger signal can be made regardless of how quickly the hook is cast. So the major thing which I consider in purchasing any rod is the rod power and the same you should do with the best walleye fishing rods.

Rod Material

There are many different types and materials from which to pick. Every year, innovative patterns and processes are developed in several unique blends. Keep to graphite rods with only an IM7 rating for ease of selection.

Although bamboo and fiberglass rods are options, carbon rods are currently the most widely used. Carbon-Graphite rods were created in the 1960s and have long been an accessible standard. Compared to bamboo and fiberglass, carbon rods are both more lightweight and durable. They can also be found in numerous fiber and polymer mixes.

Wrapping it up!

Here is what I want to share with the anglers who love to catch walleye. Walleye fishing without choosing the best walleye fishing rod is just impossible. Moreover, the anglers also need to know which lures and lines are suitable to use with the rods they have taken in their tackle box. Just take up the decision and go for the best in catching walleye.