How to fish a jig for Bass

Jig Fishing Techniques- Mastery Tips and Opinion 2023

Many seasoned and professional anglers prefer jigs to other artificial lures due to their adaptability and simplicity of use. Jigs are a crucial component of any angler’s tackle box because they may be utilized in various situations, seasons, and fish species. However, to get the most out of your jigs, you must have the proper … Read more

Difference between Saltwater and freshwater fishing

Freshwater vs Saltwater Fishing-A Comprehensive difference 2023

Everyone like fishing, right? Can anything better describe a great day than the sun, the breeze, and a fish at sunset? Another fantastic sport is fishing. There are other kinds of fishing, though, and taking the time to grasp the differences between freshwater and saltwater fishing will help you plan your next fishing excursion. Freshwater … Read more

Hunting vs Fishing Waders

Hunting Vs Fishing Waders-Materials, Mobility & Breathability

The use of waders is common in fly fishing and fly fishermen are famous to use them. The reason why they use waders so much is their long stay in the water. Therefore, they need proper protection in the form of waders. The primary factor each person should consider in his mind while distinguishing between … Read more

Parts of a Baitcasting Reel

Essential Parts of a Baitcasting Reel- Unveiling the Concepts 2023

   We’ll look more closely at the different components of a baitcasting fishing reel and what they do nowadays. The foot and seat with drag control, the tension knob, the cast control knob, the handle, and other components will be discussed today. Let’s get started. You need to know a few crucial components of a … Read more

Best Time to fish in Freshwater

Freshwater Fishing Beginners Guide- Expert Perspective 2023

The people who are fishermen will tell you about their experiences and that there is nothing like cast your line into the water with the sunlight on your back. If you have been doing freshwater fishing for years or are a new fisherman just getting started, there is a lot to learn from you about … Read more

Baitcasting vs Spinning Reel

Baitcasting Vs Spinning Reel-Choose the Best with Expert Opinion

It’s not always simple to select between the two most common fishing reel types. Both have their benefits. A reel is a mechanical device associated to fishing rod that uses a revolving arm to store, release, and gather the fishing line. Baitcasting vs Spinning reel- Both are used for different fishing techniques. A baitcasting reel … Read more

Bass vs Trout Fishing

Bass and Trout Fishing- Expert Insights on key Differences

Being an angler you mainly have to note down the complete knowledge about the two fish species before comparison. The anglers need to improve their fishing skills before targeting the species they want to capture. Although both species lie in freshwater and have different fishing techniques, their aggressiveness also varies. Even though trout and bass … Read more

Parts of fishing reels

A Fishing Reel Parts- Unique and Enticing Guide 2023

It’s crucial to understand the pieces of a fishing reel and what they do while learning how to fish. Open-face spinning reels are a popular term for spinning reels. Because they are easier to handle and less prone to tangling than baitcasting reels, they are the most popular type of reel for novices. Parts of … Read more