Do Bass Eat Bluegill – The Ultimate Premier Target 2023

As far as I have used Bluegill to target bass, I would like to say that my experience was wonderful. No doubt, bass baits include many live and artificial baits that work for them but the use of Bluegill is just amazing. You don’t need to take tension about which bass species you are going to catch as there is something common in all species. If we consider bass bait about big bass, smallmouth, striped bass, and White bass, all of them are not picky about their baits. This demonstrates without a doubt that they have no specific dietary requirements.

While targeting bass with any type of bait you will see that they often feed in a highly opportunistic way. Due to this reason, they shift their attention to different sorts of food over the year. In other words, I am saying that you are not bound to go with bluegill to target bass as bait. In fact, crayfish, small bait fish, and larger panfish will not leave you unsuccessful. So for now, I would provide you with some knowledge based on my research and experience that will help you in deciding whether bluegill as bass bait is good or not.

Why Bluegill is popular as Bass Bait?

Many anglers go for bass fishing because they eat many types of bait. Simply they are not choosy in what they are going to eat. The controversial method that I prefer to use for targeting bas is to use Bluegill as a live bait. The amazing thing about bluegill is that they are easier to catch and use as live bait. I would like to quote here that the great record-breaking bass was hunted on the live bluegill. Therefore, you can say that bass responds very nicely to bluegill when used as bass bait. They remain alive better than shiners or other live bait because they are hardy and tough live bait.

Bluegill as Bass Bait – Appropriate Size and Weight

It is important for anglers to note down which size of bluegill will affect to target bass. If I discuss the weight of Bluegill, I would say that 2 or 3 pounds of bluegill can be used as bass bait. If you are facing snagging as a problem, this issue can be covered in this weight.  But in the case of ideal size, I prefer to use 3’’ to 5’’ of Bluegill for big bass. I advise using a 5” bluegill bass bait if you want to catch bigmouth bass. Bluegill eats bass bait but this is important to know for every angler that a larger hook is suitable for larger bass.

How to hook a Bluegill for Bait – Use Appropriate Ways

It is important for anglers to know several ways to hook bluegill as a bass bait. Moreover, they should note down the cautions of hooking a live bait. As long as I have used the bass hooks I suggest avoiding some structures that could not be helpful for you as a bass hook . These structures include the brain, eye, and vertebrae that impair the capacity of a bass or any fish to swim. Be cautious about hooking the live bait frequently as it may shorten their lifetime.

I have been using the greatest strategy for years hooking the bluegill between the lips in order to maintain them as live bait. Moreover, they remain alive for a long period of time. Reaching out via the top lip is a better option as compared to the lower lip. Another method that I found efficient for anglers is to hook the bluegill in front of the body representing them as a real thing. If you want to choose bluegill to swim downwards, the best method is to hook them in the backside.

Bluegill hooks – Best hook types for Bass Bait

Since you can take hook size on the base of the bait size, therefore, check out the size of Bluegill before taking a hook. An extra wide hook gap is helpful while fishing with live bait in between the point as well as the shank of the hook. In case you are seeing that the bait’s flesh is blocking the hook gap, you should increase the hook size or switch to a smaller bait.

The best bass fishing hooks that I prefer to use include the circle hooks, octopus hooks, and J-hooks. A steady retrieve hook set is the best one to choose while using the circle hooks. But if you are going to take octopus or Kahle hooks, you require a powerful hook set. I mainly use the circle hooks as they are an excellent choice. The reason all surrounds the fact that they dramatically lower the risk of ingesting hooks.

Important Things to Take in Tackle Box to Catch Largemouth Bass

When you are fishing largemouth bass with bluegill you must know which fishing equipment is better to take in your tackle box. No matter in which water you are fishing, choosing proper fishing gear that has the ability to tackle big fish is important. Bass eats bluegill but my all focus leads to the best fishing rod to tackle largemouth bass with proper bass fishing line. You have two options to catch largemouth either in the rock piles or heavy grass or weeds. I would like to explain both of them to make it easier for you while fishing bass.

  • I often use a medium-heavy rod with an incredibly flexible tip which offers a decent deal of delicacy. This helps to know whether we get snagged while fishing in the rock piles.
  • Fishing for largemouth bass in thick and heavy vegetative areas, I commonly prefer to use a heavy rod with a thick fishing line. Moreover, using a braid line is useful and effective as it can tolerate pulling stress as well as abrasion damage.
  • If you don’t know which fishing reel is suitable to use for fishing largemouth bass, a high-speed spinning reel is quite beneficial. Such a fishing reel works for each bluegill bass and in all conditions.
  • A fast-speed gear will enable you to set the hook and apply pressure to the fish rapidly, preventing it from spitting out your bait and escaping.

Wrapping it up!

If you have never used bluegill as bass bait I will suggest you use it for now. Make some research on your bass fishing equipment before departure. Moreover, anglers must know other fishing baits too if their fishing conditions don’t become favorable to catch bass. If you are going to catch bass for the first time you should have a focus on smallmouth bass. It will increase your experience before catching bigger bass or big fish species.

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