Best Braid Lines for Northern Pike- Expert Guide and Reviews

Being an angler you might try your hand to catch the Northern Pike, commonly known as the “Shark of the freshwater”. The largemouth, razor-sharp teeth, and insatiable appetite of this creature are terrible to the bone. In comparison to certain other freshwater fish, pike can expand to enormous sizes. Using strong braid lines for northern pike is an excellent idea when you’re hunting pikes since the line you use. Your ability to capture them will be significantly impacted by this.  Even just the toughest of lines might still be compromised by the pike’s razor-sharp teeth.

Power Pro braids that weigh between 30 and 40 pounds work best for pikes. But, if the waterway you are angling in isn’t too tangled, a 50lb braid is perfect for wobbled dead lures, especially static lure fishing. You must take the location you are researching into account while choosing the braid to utilize.

How did Braid lines work with Pike fishing?

While pike fishing, it’s critical that you’re well-prepared. And bringing the proper tackle and paying attention to the weather are two ways to achieve that. In fact, a reel, rod, and lure will come in that position if you were to rank fishing tools according to their significance. But don’t neglect that your reel and rod will not function properly without even a good fishing line.

When using lures or dead bait, braided fishing lines for Northern Pike are the most productive. Braid lines are stiff, have a small diameter, and can detect even the tiniest bite. This line’s stiffness makes lure casting possible with ease. This line’s higher breaking strain characteristics, which include smaller diameter characteristics, are one of the key reasons it performs better when fishing for pike lures than monofilament fishing lines.

Top Braid Fishing lines for Northern Pike

Braid is a crucial component of pike fishing since it provides a super delicate, low-stretch solution that enables you to set your hooks into that obstinate pike’s jaws with ease. Also make sure to choose the best lures to catch pike. Here I will discuss top braid fishing lines for Northern Pike.

Power Pro Spectra 500 yd Spool


  • Color: Yellow, Green, White, Red
  • Line Type: Braid
  • Line Weight: 40 pounds
  • Breaking Strength: 40 pounds
  • Line Size: 40 – 300
Power Pro Spectra 500 yd Spool
  • Highly qualitative
  • Good sensitivity
  • Provides best strike time to catch Pike
  • A little Bit expensive

I utilize Power Pro exclusively for all of my spin and dead hook fishing, therefore I feel completely confident in recommending it. Many other fishermen also share this belief. A very well-liked and excellent fishing line is the Power Pro. It is an absolute no-brainer to have it on your reel!

The Power Pro’s ability to effectively convey movement is its best and most astounding feature. While using an inline spinner for spin fishing, you nearly feel each blade movement. You will sense every bounce the jig tip makes if you are zigzagging a soft bait over the bottom.

You can improve your lure recovery skills and tell if your lures for pike aren’t moving smoothly underwater by being capable of sensing all the minute nuances. Obviously, you will sense it and be able to attack right away if a pike is giving you even the least tug or takes. You will definitely feel every aspect of that line.

While dead baiting for pike, I also greatly value the delicacy and smoothness of this braid. When the water is cold, pike can be quite slow and finicky, and it is common for them to skip takes or strike too soon. It’s a lot simpler to time the strike properly since you can actually feel how the pike swims and consumes the lure.

Spiderwire DURA- 4


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Moss Green
  • Line Weight: 65 pounds
  • Line Size: 125 Yards
  • Item Weight: 0.07 pounds
Spiderwire Dura- 4
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Sensitivity with near-zero stretch
  • Easy to work out backlashes
  • Good quality
  • Provides increased casting distance
  • Breaks at 20 lbs

For a very long time, spiderwire was the industry standard for virtually durable braided fishing lines. As many fishermen have found, unlike the monofilament fishing line, this line is impossible to break or bite in half. The durability and strength of spiderwire have long been a favorite of salmon, stripper, and deep-sea business charter anglers.

You may purchase the line in lengths of 125 or 300 yards for solitary or go large with 3000-yard reels of 10, 15, 20, and 65-pound tests, all in the typical moss green color. The line is accessible in 40, 65, and 80-pound test strengths. Spiderwire is a favorite for luring, surfcasting, or evicting bass from dense protection after they strike because of its zero stretch property and its slippery carefully.

Power Pro Spectra Braid Fishing Line


  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Moss Green
  • Line Weight: 5 pounds
  • Line Size: 150 yards
  • Grip Size: Array
  • Long casting tough line
  • Super Quality Product
  • Strong line and casts very well
  • Number one in fishing sport
  • Pricing is a little high

This is the lightest line on the market right now, but it has the same strength as brands that have far greater diameters. Local fishermen use the Spectra because it comes in a wide range of spool widths, from conventional market lengths to enormous spools of 1500 yards that can be coiled on the frequently many reels used by commercial fishing boats.

It is composed of spectra fibre, which has great abrasion resistance, so even if you fish frequently, it will last a long period of time on your reel. The baitcasting and spinning reels may effortlessly wrap the delicate, spherical, and silky fibers.

The inner diameter allows you to load your spool with more lines. If your reel is designed for 200 yards of standard 10-pound strength braid, you may add 220 yards of Spectra. Alternatively, as most fishermen do, you can boost the thickness to 14 pounds test while still winding 200 yards on your spool.

Use of Hook for Pike Fishing

Fishermen consistently utilized treble hooks, for instance when fishing for pike, using one hook for the bait and several more for the fish’s mouths. Treble hooks are effective in catching and keeping pike, yet they may seriously harm the fish, which is why some fisheries have outlawed their usage.

This will result in a lot of fishermen who were fishing for pike using circle hooks. Considering that they are much simpler to unhook and are seen to be a better choice for the fish. If you’re employing circular hooks, keep in mind that the hook won’t set if you hit the pike; alternatively, you should gently remove the bait from its mouth.

Many anglers love to catch trout as they love them besides pike and bass. So if you want to catch trout I would suggest you to also choose best fishing lines for trout.

Choose the Right Braid Color

Does a pike’s selection bite the bait depending on the color of the braid you’re using? I would say that it doesn’t because the pike frequently focuses too much on the lure’s action while fully considering the line that might be closest to it. In spite of this, a wire trace acts as an extra layer of camouflage to assist maintain any vivid colors far from the lure directly.

The color you choose will help your fishing even though I don’t believe the pike’s choice to strike the lure will be directly influenced by it. It will be easier for you to keep records of when the lure is in the waters if you choose a braid that is very visible, like yellow, pink, or green. This will enable you to manage to avoid obstacles that would result in you accurately displaying a lure for an extra second, allowing that PB an opportunity to crush the lure. The braid fishing lines to catch bass are available if you are bass angler. Don’t miss to take them.

Sum Up

Your chances of catching a behemoth will significantly enhance if you have the appropriate equipment and a plan in place. Choose the best line and color of line to enhance your chances of catching the northern pike. Spend some time learning about the other fish that inhabit the area where you plan to go fishing. Make sure to have the best braid lines for northern pike as well as proper rods and lines in your tacklebox. You can start by following these instructions to bring back photos and moments to exhibit off to your pals. Fish on with tight lines!

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