Best Fishing Reels to catch Bass

Best Bass Fishing Reel

Since there are so many alternatives when it relates to fishing equipment, there are a lot of questions regarding what hooks to use, what sizes are ideal for various rigs, whatever rod strength and action mixtures are optimal for particular situations, and even which tools to employ when simple compressing split shot. Without choosing the … Read more

How to choose the best fishing lines for Bass?

Best fishing line for bass

The appropriate gear is essential when bass fishing since it may have a major impact. You’ll find additional bass, hook more bass, and regularly catch bigger bass if you get the components right. The fishing line constitutes one of the most important parts of a properly tuned bass fishing rig. Utilize monofilament or fluorocarbon line of … Read more

Best Baits to catch Bass in Winter

Best Bass Fishing lures in winter

Choosing the finest tools for bass fishing might be challenging. There are a lot of lures offered for bass fishing, it could be hard to know where to start If you currently fish for bass, you may wonder if you are employing the proper equipment. Beginners and lovers of bass fishing should know what is … Read more

What are the famous baits for Largemouth Bass?

Famous Baits for Largemouth Bass

What else can I say about largemouth bass that hasn’t been stated elsewhere? Most likely, not much. Excluding Alaska (although it wouldn’t amaze me if there were a few hanging around there as well), largemouth bass are the most common gamefish in North America. Numerous books, newspaper columns, fishing shows, and other media have been … Read more

What are the best rods to catch Bass?

Best Bass Fishing Rod

Are you dreaming to catch bass without choosing the best fishing rod? If so, you are totally at the wrong choice. Being a bass lover, you will have a lot of knowledge about bass, especially about their aggressiveness. They are generally very aggressive and can easily be able to catch if your retrieving speed is … Read more

How to catch Bass in summer

Guide to Catch Summer Bass

The ideal times of day to fish in the summer are generally considered to be dawn and dusk. Bass are actively foraging while there is little light entering the lakes. Midday bass are substantially less active than early and late bass. If you can’t fish in the morning, what then? Or if you’re unsuccessful in … Read more

6 Best Bass Fishing Lures for Beginners

Bass Fishing Lures

Being a novice, are you going to catch bass? Yes, you can do but have enough confidence to know all about bass fishing. What a novice needs to know before going for bass fishing is to choose the right Bas gear, Bass fishing lures, and their feeding factors. Here is the right place where you … Read more

Ideal water temperature for Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing water temperature

Water temperature for bass fishing is the most important component to consider when going out to fish for bass. Although bass will readily bite in water between 61 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature range to capture bass consistently is between 74 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit when bass are actively feeding, and midday highs … Read more

Tips for Catching Bigger Bass at Night 

Night Time Bass Fishing tips

Families come out of the woodwork for barbecue, boating, and summer fun when the summer heat begins. All of this sounds fantastic, but I get what you’re thinking-bad fishing-as a bass angler. This is the time of year when nighttime fishing starts. A true bass angler enters the scene once all the boaters and picnickers … Read more

The 5 Best Braid Fishing Lines for Bass

Best Braid Fishing lines for bass

If you are going to fish without any proper lines, then it will be only a dream. There needs a specific range of pound tests, lengths, colors, and some other factors that will help the anglers to choose the best combination. Before modern fishing lines, there were some techniques including like punching grass and throwing … Read more