Bass vs. Trout Fishing: Which one is best?

Bass vs Trout Fishing

Being an angler you mainly have to note down the complete knowledge about the two fish species before comparison. The anglers need to improve their fishing skills before targeting the species they want to capture. Although both species lie in freshwater and have different fishing techniques, their aggressiveness also varies. Even though trout and bass … Read more

Components of a Fishing Reel and their Uses

Parts of fishing reels

It’s crucial to understand the pieces of a fishing reel and what they do while learning how to fish. Open-face spinning reels are a popular term for spinning reels. Because they are easier to handle and less prone to tangling than baitcasting reels, they are the most popular type of reel for novices. Reel body … Read more

What is the difference between Fishing Rod and Pole?

Fishing Rod vs. Fishing Pole

Many anglers who are novices in fishing get confused in point that fishing rods and fishing poles are the same or not! Moreover which one is better to use? What are the best conditions to use a fishing rod and pole? The terms fishing rods and fishing poles may be familiar to you if you’ve … Read more

What are Kayak boating rules?

kayak Fishing

Kayaking isn’t one of those activities that appeal to regulation and rebels. While there is enough liberty to go wherever you want, explore what you desire. Kayak in whatever wild style you like, your security must follow your local kayaking laws. If you enjoy traveling and kayaking in many different places. It could potentially be the hardest … Read more

Tips for catching Cod fish in Winter

Cod Fish in winter

This time of year, we would prefer to relax in front of the fireplace at home. Although that does sound like a decent plan, those fishermen who are still pining for a catch have another choice. Even while the conditions are by no means pleasant, the fish that can be caught are giants! Even though … Read more

What are famous Inshore Fishing Species?

Famous Inshore Fishing Species

Do you want to perform fishing from the sidelines? If yes, be aware that fishing may be a difficult hobby if you are watching it from the sidelines. A person who is a total newbie in fishing will find their way to be difficult with so many options. Here I will provide a complete guide … Read more

What is Ice Fishing?

Ice Fishing

Winter is in full swing, and it’s way too chilly to get out and play sports or shoot some hoops. What do you then? How about gathering a group of friends, towing a temporary housing onto a frozen river, breaking a hole in the ice, and hanging out because you wait for the fish to eat? … Read more

Does Bass Fishing more difficult than Trout?

Bass Fishing Vs Trout Fishing

Why do people do fishing? The common question has an answer they want joy. Yes, almost all types of fishermen share one thing in common; “Fishing is one of life’s pleasures”. The excitement of casting your line and the rush of pulling in a fish is indescribable. Unfortunately, if you have never gone fishing, you might … Read more

What is the difference between Casting and Spinning Rod?

Casting vs Spinning rod

Many people know that choosing a fishing rod entails more than just considering the price and functionality of the reel. The basic knowledge of the difference between spinning and casting rods helps the anglers select the right rod depending on their skills. Various fishing rod sizes, from light to medium action to stout, are available … Read more

Do human sounds genuinely scare fish away and can fish hear you?


The major fact to understand is that fish may not perceive or understand sound in the same way that humans do. Fish can hear, therefore noises could frighten them, at least those that live underwater. Underwater noises move quickly through the water, generating waves at a speed that is around four times that of air … Read more