What are Kayak Paddle Shafts?

Kayak Paddle Shafts

The kayak paddle will be among the most crucial pieces of equipment you own as a kayaker. The piece of gear you’ll be using all day and what will move you through the sea is a kayak paddle. It can be difficult to choose a kayak paddle among the various variations available. Paddles for kayaks come … Read more

How do you mount a Trolling Motor to a Kayak?

Kayak trolling

Before knowing how to do a kayak trolling motor mount the kayaker must have appropriate knowledge about a trolling motor. Despite paddling and bothering the fish or other creatures in the water, you can propel your kayak over the water with the support of a trolling engine. Fishing kayak trolling motor mounts are popular, and … Read more

How to dress up for Kayak Fishing?

Dressing for kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a fantastic outdoor sport in which you get close to the sea level and be straight up in the winds and waves. Kayak fishing can be a wonderful experience yielding amazing results. However, you might want to consider concealing your clothing when fishing from a kayak as you are in a more … Read more

What are the tips for Kayak Fishing?

kayak fishing setup for beginners

Since Kayak fishing has been used for excellent purposes, it has been rising its popularity day by day. Kayaks are much more affordable than conventional gas burners, they provide fishermen access to a variety of isolated and little-fished waters, and they can be outfitted with just about every feature a dedicated bass fan could desire. … Read more

Ideal Weather conditions for Kayak Fishing

It is common among people to spend their holidays while doing Kayak Fishing. Kayak fishing is a pleasurable and exciting activity for anglers but in case all the conditions are best. And such conditions include ideal weather conditions. In this article, I will cover a complete description of the weather in kayak fishing like water … Read more

What are inflatable Kayaks?

Inflatable Kayaks

Did you ever want to go paddling alone or with friends and family? Have you considered the versatility that an inflatable kayak offers? For any sportsperson who lacks the storage room for a standard hardshell kayak, inflatable kayaks are the ideal option. Inflatable kayaks combine the portability of an inflatable boat with the lightness, safety, and … Read more

How to choose a Kayak Paddle for Fishing

kayak fishing paddle

Paddles are a necessary item of kayak fishing gear. Your main method for moving your kayak across the water is by using it. There are several different blade/shaft constructions and layouts for paddles that are readily accessible. This post’s explaining the role of paddles and covers a variety of topics and tries to make it easier for people who … Read more

Best Kayaks for Beginners- 2023

Best Kayaks for Beginners

Before going towards the best kayaks for beginners I want to explain to the anglers about kayaking. This knowledge will surely help them in choosing the perfect kayak. The best recreational activity that people of all ages can enjoy with only a few tips is named as kayaking. If you have leisure and want to … Read more