Difference between Crankbait vs Jerkbait – Premier Differences 2023

Fishing with jerkbait or crankbait can be beneficial to catch your target but when you want one of them to make a better decision you need to check the difference. I have used Jerkbaits for bass many times but for now, I want to elaborate on crankbait vs jerkbait to make the anglers a good decision. The physical appearance of the two of them is the main distinction that I noticed. Crankbaits look much rounder, twitch and wobble steadily from side to side. But the jerkbait looks similar to injured baitfish and the angler has to jerk the rod to retrieve the lure. In other words, a jerkbait has random and irregular behavior.

To fish with a crankbait each angler needs a fishing reel but on the other hand, to fish with a jerkbait there needs an excellent fishing rod. One main thing that I would prefer anglers to use among these baits is the target species. The best species which are in love with these baits are bass and walleye and surely you will grab these species. The reason why I mainly use these baits is that I never use the extra tackle to have a start. I am sure that all other anglers will also have a convenient fishing experience by using these baits.

Crankbait Vs Jerkbait – Variations in Bodies

Using both baits has the same function of catching the target in the most effective way. But of course, their body shapes have many differences. While using the crankbait I found their body shape as fatter and shorter but the jerkbaits are thin, slender, and long in body. Treble hooks for crankbait vs jerkbait are two and three respectively. The main reason why I prefer using crankbait is their body shape declaring them as shorter and fat. However, the jerkbaits can be easily used in any type of fishing water depending on your conditions.

Swimming Action – How does action vary?

The actions of both jerkbaits and crankbaits resemble a distressed baitfish swimming away. In comparison to the jerkbaits, the crankbaits have varied actions exhibited in a variety of their behaviors. While fishing with crankbaits you will see that they swim slowly and other behaviors involve rolling, wobbling, and vibrating. But there seem more actions while fishing with jerkbait like swimming, trolling, writhing, darting, and moving from side to side.

How do I choose the perfect Bait – A comparison of Crankbait vs Jerkbait?

The common thing that any angler should note is to choose the perfect bait while fishing. Of course, each angler wants to make his fishing skills better and target his prey in the most efficient way. Since I have worked with both, therefore, I would like to discuss how I choose the perfect bait. The best thing about crankbait is that every angler can use the crankbait each time throughout the year.

I have watched so many professional bass fishing tournaments through which I learned that every angler should rig a rod perfectly with the crank bait. No doubt, crankbait can be used at any time of the year but the best one in which I caught the most bass is during the hottest summer and coldest winters. The results were really shocking although I suffered from huge hot as well as cold weather.

When I used jerkbait I found a clear success rate in the bright and clear sky is a good option as they are translucent in water. Bass catches them as they demand translucent bait the jerkbait appears for them as a natural appearance. You should choose a jerkait that is somewhat transparent or see-through on days when the sky is clear and the water is clear.

However, while working on how to fish on a jerkbait I have also researched and analyzed that choosing a metallic finish is an excellent option if the water is murky. The weather conditions at this time involve which is partly cloudy, clear, and maybe somewhere in between. The preferable colors which I found working for jerkbait when other colors don’t work include chrome and gold.

Use of Crankbait and Jerkbait for Bass

One of the most efficient and easy lures that I found perfect to catch bass is the crankbait. At my very first experience, I used to learn the casting and reeling experience for the crankbait and it was quite easy. While working with the crankbait each angler no matter if he is a novice or expert, should understand that your bait is colliding with the stuff. This is necessary because bass love to bite those crankbaits that are highly bumping into the stuff.

 On the other hand, there is some variation while casting jerkbait for bass. In order to get the best results you have to use the twitching technique for retrieving. This technique is not enough until you take your rod while jerkbait fishing down to find the best results. The anglers who want to spend the least amount of energy should use the straight-down twitching technique and surely it will be helpful for them. Don’t forget to fill your gearbox with the fishing reels and learn how to use them before fishing bass.

Casting Ways for Crankbait Vs Jerkbait

While casting both baits it is good to keep both of them within the limits. This is common for every angler to be within the practical limits because you need to turn your baits to the natural depth. In case your cast is too short you will automatically observe that the majority of the retrieve is consumed by the drop. However, the exception comes for the sinking jerkbait when casting in the shallow water as you can count down to deeper water.

Right Reel and Combo – Essential Equipment

Of course, both jerkbait and crankbait have different operating mechanisms therefore, the fishing rod for both baits would also be different. I mainly prefer to use a baitcasting rod but you may also use a rod and reel combo depending on your fishing conditions. However, I will share my suggestions for the right reel and combo that should have medium power.

While choosing the right reel and combo you should choose a rod length of 6.5 to 7 feet but in the case of crankbait gear length should be 7 feet. But the action is moderate with a gear ratio of about 5:1 and 6:1 for crankbait and jerkbait respectively. If you have a good budget you may purchase an expensive rod and reel combo to make your fishing experience the best. Don’t forget to choose among the best baitcasting reels vs spinning reels that can be helpful for your fishing conditions.

Color Variation for both Crankbait & Jerkbait

For choosing the right color there are simple strategies for both crankbaits and jerkbaits. Each one is followed by weather conditions, watercolor, and the baits you are going to use. In case you are going to fish in cloudy season, choose white color it will target bass in a more efficient way. However, if you are choosing crawfish the bait color for crankbait should be green or brownish color. If the water is murky it is good to choose bright colored crankbait like orange or chartreuse.

Mostly the natural colors are preferable to target fish. If you are using jerkbait transparent colors are best to target bass. Solid colours as well as those with a small amount of flash typically perform best while fishing in more soiled water. Jerkbaits are not recommended in muddy water since they frequently entice fish to bite from a distance.

Final Words

In the end, I would say that each angler should make possible differences before choosing between crankbait vs jerkbait. No doubt, both baits have the ability to catch different fish species but differences can make you clear in what conditions you should crankbait or jerkbait. Crankbait simply implies to crank them as far as you can but the jerkbait needs to jerk until you retrieve them.

Essential Queries to Know about Crankbait Vs Jerkbait

If you know that the fish is lethargic, you should use jerkbait but in case the fish are active, crankbaits are an excellent choice. However, depending on the fishing conditions you may also use it in opposite fishing conditions.

If you want to target largemouth bass, the preferred baits are the crankbaits. But ensure that they are found in shallow water within a depth of less than 30 feet. Here crankbaits will work in the most effective way to catch bigger bass.

Jerkbait is the most imitated fish to catch bass, walleye, lake trout, catfish, and many other fish species. If you want to catch larger gaming fish you can target northern pike and muskie.

Yes, jerkbaits are well effectively used for saltwater, especially for bass anglers, however, giving these baits a try in shallow water is a good option.

The most effective crankbaits are the medium diving crankbaits in the deeper waters for about 10 feet. Using this bait in shallower water is excellent especially when digging into the ground.

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