Best Ice Fishing Rods

Best Ice Fishing Rods 2023- Check Power, Sensitivity and Weight

Ice fishing rods are much shorter than rods for freshwater or saltwater fishing. Most modern ice fishing rods are spinning rods with lengths ranging from 24 to 36 inches. Ice spinning rods are often composed of fiberglass or graphite, which are both elastic and resistant to the cold. The majority of fishermen increase their power too … Read more

Ice Fishing Gear to catch Bass

Ice Fishing Gear for Bass -Prime Auxiliary Equipment 2023

An important thing for anglers to take into account is to know all about ice fishing and the necessary equipment. Like all other fishing equipment that is different from each other to catch bass, ice fishing gear for bass is different from freshwater fishing. I always take care of my tackle box whenever I plan … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Lines

5 Best Ice Fishing Lines for 2023- Expert Opinion and Reviews

Ice fishing has different tips and tricks when compared to regular fishing. Being an angler, the extreme cold that comes with ice fishing will provide you with a very challenging task. But don’t worry, choosing the right equipment in your tackle box will never let you down. Yes, I am talking about choosing the best … Read more