Jerkbait for Bass- Understand the Essential Conditions to Use 2023

As long as I have an experience with jerkbait while fishing bass, I would say that this is the most lethal bait for fishing bass. All the successful anglers who have been working with the jerkbaits have also made success in any of the tournaments regarding bass fishing. However, not only the jerkbait can be the ultimate source to fish bass, but the fishing rod also matters a lot. The use of jerkbait for bass would be quite a challenge for many anglers who have never experienced it before. The most essential condition to catch bass with jerkbait is the temperature range which is about 50-60 degrees along with the visibility of 4 feet. You will find the best results if you are fishing in clouder skies along with a wind of about 10-15 mph.

The best thing about the jerkbait is that you can use it for all types of bass including spotted vs largemouth bass. If I talk about my personal experience I would say that I failed many times while fishing bass through jerkbait. But you know what, the exciting thing is I learn a lot. Therefore, I am going to share all my experiences in this post which will help both novices and professional anglers both. The use of jerkbait for bass will make you able to catch more and more bass.

Suitable Water to use Jerkbait for Bass

It is important to check out in which water you are using jerkbait for bass. No doubt, this helps to let you catch out fishing the bigger bass. But more conditions include water, equipment like fishing rods & Pole, fishing lines, and others. I would like to explain some factors here which will help you in fishing bass with jerkbait.

Cold Water – Temperature Range

If you examine the natural behavior of jerkbait while suspending it for bass. You will analyze that its behavior resembles the demise of bait fish in cold water. Many anglers intend to catch bass throughout the year in cold water. The use of jerkbait for bass in such water is a better choice than any other bites.

 The best season when you should use it is in the early spring but don’t let the suspension of jerkbaits for a longer period of time. Taking into consideration the water temperature range, I mainly found a temperature between 50 to 60 degrees. Experience fishing bass in such temperatures and share how you find jerkbait in cold water.

Shallow Water – Depth Range

You must need to check how many feet your jerkbait can go inside the water. Generally, a good jerkbait has the capacity to go in the depth range of about 12-15 feet. You can face a problem in such conditions because bass may lie in the water at 20 feet depth. The slow metabolism of bass matters a lot in such a situation as they are not ready to leave the depths and swim up to catch the bait. When the bass is shallower in cold waters and is situated in 5 to 12 feet of water, jerkbaits are most effective.

Clear Water – Visuality Matters

Whenever I have used the jerkbait in clear water, I make a clear observation about its visuality. Since the water is clear the jerkbait acts as visual feeding bait in the water. If you are using the bait in the dirty water, the bass doesn’t have much capability to see the dying movements. Therefore, I would say that using a jerkbait in stained to clear water is a better option for many anglers.

In order to create a great connection of jerkbait with the bass, you should use the jerkbait with the rattles. But if you are going to fish bass in too dingy water, you should try a bladed bait which will produce stunning results. Not only a jerkbait I am also making a plan to use my best spinnerbaits for bass and check out how they work.

Factors that make Jerkbait for Bass an Amazing Bait

The most important concept that every angler should take into consideration is to see how he can make his bass fishing. According to my consideration, I have observed that there are two important points for bass where they strike strongly against the jerkbait. A clear thing that you will note after suspending the jerkbait is that other strikes will come when you start moving the jerkbait away from the bass. It causes the bass to rush out and catch the baitfish before it can escape because it mimics a baitfish running away from a bass. 

Now here comes a malfunction that you must analyze in the way how bass behaves when you are using jerkbait. Do you want to see how your jerkbait can crack your bass? Let us have a look into it how the magic of jerkbait appears for catching bass. Mainly, the bass is drawn in the opening rips. When you are not producing the movements in the bait you will see that the bass comes to inspect it. The bass frequently automatically bites the bait when it begins jerking away as the bass is inspecting it.

In this way, you have cracked the bass if you have followed it while angling. I would like to share with my angler friends that I have personally caught a 28” long and 10 pounds bass by using this trick with the jerkbait. I would say to check out the size of your bass hooks too, if you want to use them in your angling trip.

Important Tactics which I use for Jerkbait Bass Fishing

If you are planning to use jerkbait for fishing for the first time, believe me, it’s just fun. Your one experience will make you examine that it’s a rapid reeling and ripping which provides frequent results with very strong blows.I want to experience some important factors which will help you in using jerkbait for fishing.

  • Use of Semi- Slack Line on the Top of the water

Once ripping the jerkbait a few times through the water will make you see that it completely rests in the water. You can get an easy meal response from the bass through the natural suspension of the dying movement of the bait even if you are not moving it. It would be the best idea to have your fishing line slacked on the water even if your bait is not moving.

If you want an exceptional bait action, I would like to share you with an amazing tip. You just need to rip your jerkbait on the semi-slack line and then see what happens. Additionally, it will give your jerkbait the necessary pause once you have finished jerking it about.

  • Modify Your Rips – Two Unique Ways

There are two unique ways that you can use to rip jerkbaits. A rapid tear out to the side of your physique is the first method. The other common technique is to raise your rod tip and point your rod directly toward the bait. Although it is a little lighter on your body, the latter seems to be used by plenty of professional fishermen. You may learn what the bass prefer by altering the number of rips and the manner in which you jerk the bait.

Last Words

In short, I would briefly say that using Jerkbait for bass is an excellent way to catch each species including largemouth bass. I prefer to use jerkbait for fishing using different techniques especially those I mentioned in my post. Moreover, I hope that if you employ all these things you will surely get a success, no matter in which waters you are going to catch bass. I would say that check your fishing gear whether you are going to fish on ice or in any season as it makes an important role in catching bass.

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