Famous Lures for Northern Pike- Exclusive Guide 2023

The body of the northern pike is torpedo-shaped, long, thin, and muscular. The skin’s top and edges are somewhat green, while its underside is lightweight or white. Esox lucius, a species of carnivorous fish, is also known as the northern pike (the pikes). They are typical of the Northern Hemisphere’s fresh and brackish waterways (i.e. holarctic in distribution). In Britain, Ireland, most of Eastern Europe, Canada, and the United States, they are simply referred to as pikes. As a fishing lover, someone has different questions in one’s mind. There are certain questions that you should know about Northern Pike and lures for Northern Pike.

Shape of Pike

The northern pike’s body is typically olive green to dark green in color and has short bars or patches on its flanks that are either yellow or white in color and shaped like beans. Its abdomen is white or yellowish in color, and these dots or bars resemble it.

Does pike bit a human being?

Muskies always have larger pores on the underside of their lower jaws than pikes do, which allows them to detect vibrations in neighboring water. It is a pike if there are five or fewer pores on either side of the jaw when you flip your catch over (carefully!). A muskie is present if there are six or more fish on either side.

After getting bit on the toes by a pike over the Saturday while water skiing on Llangorse Reservoir in Brecon, Powys, the gentleman was healing yesterday. Darren Blake, 31, was awaiting a boat to take him away when he was struck.

Have pike teeth?

The teeth of the northern pike are both huge and tiny, needle-like and fang-like. In fact, they are capable of having up to 700 of those, but each one is extremely sharp. Although pike can not bite people and do not completely lose all of their teeth throughout the winter, they can surely harm and injure a fisherman’s hand.

Why is the Northern Pike such a Slimy Fish?

It enables speedier gliding by reducing drag by providing the fish’s skin a flat, elastic area where laminar water comes more freely over it. Slime functions as a biological osmoregulatory blanket with some gas exchange, assisting in the balancing of important electrolytes. Additionally, slime makes it more challenging for predators to catch fish.

Lures to catch Northern Pike

Northern Pike Swimming Speed

The sleek northern pike can move through the water at rates of 8–10 mph as it hunts for nearby prey with its powerful teeth. Its dorsal (on the back) and anal (behind the anus) fins are situated close to the caudal (tail) fin.

A Pike-Is it a Shark?

Since pike is a particularly aggressive species, many outfitters and zecs in Mauricie offer pike fishing trips. Its tall head, wide eyes, and mouth filled with an astonishing number of pointed teeth are distinguishing characteristics.

Are Pike Fish Rare?

Pike are a common fish. In fact, encompassing all of Eurasia and North America, they are the most extensively dispersed freshwater fish on the entire planet. Pike are indigenous to Canada, Alaska, and the northernmost states in North America, down to Missouri and Nebraska.

Are you able to pop a Pike?

Dead bait can be popped up in numerous ways. Some fishermen insert a length of buoyant material, such as foam sticks or balsa sticks, into the bait fish itself, huge hi-density foam popup balls, or the bait fish itself. To pop his dead baits, Mick favours the latter—buoyant balsa sticks.

What food does Northern Pike like to eat?

But then what do northern pike really do in their natural habitat, and what are their typical favourite types of bait? Grown northern pike frequently consume smaller bass or walleye in addition to yellow perch, minnows, chub, shad, bluegill, crappie, and ciscoes. They attack smaller sea creatures as well as their young as well.

Does pike engage in Combat?

I’ve really seen some jump quite high. They raise their heads, tug fiercely, and become even more combative at the other end of the boat.

Is Pike a Tasty Fish?

So, is pike a healthy food? Yes, it is delicious, and there are numerous pike dishes. This is what? The bones are the main component of northern pike that you should avoid eating.

When does Pike bite the most effectively?

The optimum time to go pike fishing in the spring and fall is between late morning and early afternoon. Your greatest options in the summer are very early in the morning and very late in the evening.

Get the best braid lines to catch Northern pike in you tackle box. It will help you a lot in catching the easily.

Northern Pike Bite

The optimum times to go out are typically between later mornings and midday in the winter.

Is Pike Smart?

These enormous fish put up a fierce battle and are frighteningly intelligent. The pike is a predator that lurks in the shallows amid the weeds and aquatic plants. It is long and skinny. For the cunning pike, more plants are actually better.

When does the Pike look more Active?

The morning and evening hours are when northern pike are typically most active, as are many predator species. Nevertheless, northern pike can be caught pretty much all day long. The northern pike is primarily a nocturnal feeder and rarely bites. In the majority of lakes and rivers, northern pike is common.

What Hues are drawn to by Northern Pike?

You may mimic the injured fish activity that northern pike feed on by using a slower retrieve and a quieter underwater tone. Colours that work well for pike lures include red/black or white (on bright days), and chartreuse/blue (on cloudy days).

Is it simple to catch pike?

Knowing what to search for at what time of year will greatly reduce your failure rate, whether you are aiming for a large river, reservoir, or lake. Pike can be rather simple to capture because they are aggressive and prefer to congregate in specific parts of a canal. Finding them is relatively difficult.

 Famous Lures for Northern Pike

It’s time to talk about the best part of the article which is about the famous lures which are used in catching Northern Pike. The following lures are best which are given below:

The top predators are the northern pike. This is among the largest and most prized aquatic game fish. Large fish are called northern pike. The benchmark weight is 55 pounds! Fish up to 20 pounds are frequently captured. Since pike is aggressive fish, fishermen that use artificial lures catch the majority of them. They eat smaller fish, amphibians, birds, and mammals in search of a filling diet.

Northern Pike Fish


In every northern pike fisherman’s tackle box are spoons. When the pike spoons are passing by, the wobble helps attract the attention of the northern pike. A spoon has long been a favourite among pike fishermen due to its simplicity, durability, and efficiency.

Johnson Silver Minnow Silver

Why is the Johnson Silver Minnow, with its straightforward design, one of the top pike lures that every fisherman needs in their tackle box? They are weed-free. Large pike enjoys weedy bays, and unlike spoons with big treble hooks, which require you to cast to the margins in an effort to get the pike out of the weeds, Johnson silver minnows let you send the lure directly to the fish while it is still deep in the weeds. The 1-1/8 oz., 3 3/4′′ Johnson silver minnow has been weed-free for nearly 100 years.

Silver or Red/White (on sunny days) or Gold are the best pike lure colors (on cloudy days).


  • Favoured method for angling in dense weeds.
  • Simple to retrieve but effective lure.
  • Enduring design is available in a variety of colors and sizes.


  • Not much exciting device.

Eppinger Daredevil Spoon

While not particularly eye-grabbing, spoons have long been a go-to lure for catching northern pike due to its historic success record. This straightforward lure, which is essentially a bent piece of metal that resembles the head of a spoon, has assisted numerous fishermen in landing pike after pike.

The industry standard for this design is the Eppinger Daredevil Spoon, and both the red/white and five-of-diamonds versions are unquestionably favourites. The Daredevil is a larger pike lure that is simple to cast and retrieve, making it a great option for novice fishermen. Spoons are frequently recommended as an excellent bait to use when targeting weed beds, which are frequently the habitat of enormous northern because of their straightforward design.

Best Pike Lures

While the method of reeling it back to the boat can vary, a steady pace is usually sufficient. Anglers may successfully target pike of all sizes in a wide range of situations thanks to the availability of a wide range of sizes and colours. The most effective pike colour scheme for fishing for Canada pike is the traditional red and white or yellow five diamonds colour scheme. Red/White and Yellow/Red are the best pike lure colours.


  • Tried-and-true success rate
  • A simple layout is best for newcomers.
  • Various sizes and colours are offered.


  • It isn’t the most thrilling retrieval.

Doctor Spoon

Over the past 75 years, the doctor spoon has established itself as a highly effective lure for luring large fish. On sunny days, the conventional 1-3/16 oz. 4 1/2′′ nickel physician spoon illuminates the sun, luring big pike to your bait. The best pike lure colors are copper and silver/blue for sunny days (cloudy days).

The Acme Kastmaster Spoon

Another tried-and-true bait for catching northern pike is the Acme Kastmaster Spoon. On the top 10 list of northern pike fishing lures, it is ranked number eight. This spoon has two casting and trolling options. Kastmaster spoons are beneficial when thrown vertically to Pike in water depths. It is among the best lures for ice fishing as well.

 You will notice that the one-ounce weight works brilliantly for Pike fishing. Like other spoons, the Kastmaster can be thrown and then picked up. Although they come in a variety of new hues, the silver or gold finish with a thin strip of neon works particularly well. In cooler weather when the pike moves deeper, it is a fantastic option. Vertical jigging is a successful method for catching pike in both deeper ocean as well as through ice.


For weed-filled bays in the early spring, spinner baits are a fantastic option. The spinner mimics a distressed fish at the surface to draw in northern pike as it skims across the top of the weeds. You should reel just slowly enough so as not to break the water’s surface while bringing back the spinner bait. The teardrop-shaped blade of spinner baits prevents the treble hook from being entangled in the weeds.

Pike fishing tip: Use a black spinner on a sunny day; you might be amazed at how well it produces.

Blue Fox Spinner

The Blue Fox bullet spinner gives a bigger hook for those strong pike jaws, while the centre bell produces low-frequency noise and the #5 blade reflects additional light. Silver (for sunny days), Gold, or Chartreuse are the best pike lure colours (for cloudy days).


For pike fishers, the go-to spinner is Mepps #5 1/2 oz. More northern pike has been taken on the Cobham River with the Aglia naked spinner than any other spinner. The Mepps Aglia operates at a retrieval speed of roughly 2 feet. Gold, Silver, or Brown Trout (on sunny days) are the best pike lure colours (on cloudy days).

Spinner lures for Northern Pike


Spinnerbaits are preferred among anglers when fishing for pike in dense foliage because of their framed form, which helps avoid debris from falling onto the hook. Although they are not as good at keeping weeds away as spoons, they offer considerably greater movement.

Booyah Pike Spinnerbait

The Booyah Pike Spinnerbait is unquestionably the greatest spinnerbait on the market for northern pike. It is substantial, produces a great deal of flash and vibration, and is fairly robust. Although chartreuse is a wise colour choice, each angler has a preferred pattern. Spinnerbaits are largely weedless and can be used to fish through weeds and cover that are not too dense.

You may fish the Pike spinner bait throughout the entire water column. It functions nicely buzzing just below the water’s surface or slowly rolling near the bottom. A steady retrieve is well in most situations. Anglers should change that retrieve though until a successful one appears. Although pike can be highly aggressive, there are instances when a slower retrieve is preferable.

Soft Plastic Swimbait

Why are swimbaits effective? Bait appearance and action. A swimbait provides you with the greatest of both worlds because it imitates a real pike’s swimming action and looks.

Tip for Pike fishing: The storm swimbait is effective, but because of its soft body and tail, expect to use one lure per day. If you want to have winterfun with the northern pike get more tips and techniques to be successful.

Storm Wildeye Live Pike

Storm Wildeye is incredibly realistic and appropriately weighted to simulate swimming. The realistic appearance created by the tail wagging attracts adjacent northern pike. The soft plastic bait is its only drawback. If the bait lasts all day, you’ll be lucky to avoid the northern pike’s razor-sharp teeth.

Mister Twister Double Tail

Mid- to late-season pike move to colder waters along weed lines and rock formations. Just use a 1/2 oz. twin tail twister tail with a 4′′ length. The twister tail is one of the best pike lures in warmer waters and a fantastic walleye bait. A lift-fall retrieval is performed after a swift descent to the bottom made possible by the double tail twister. Yellow (sunny days) and White are the best pike lure colours (cloudy days).

Bass Assassin Die Dapper Swim Bait

A swim bait will undoubtedly also be struck by the northern pike. The profile of the Bass Assassin Die Dapper is substantial. A constant vibration and thump are produced by the paddle tail. These lures can be set up weedless to cut through dense vegetation. Colours can vary, but perch-compatible bright colours frequently work well.

The Bass Assassin Die Dapper often performs best when the retrieve is slow and steady. It is a fantastic choice when the pike is less animated and prefers a much more modest approach. Winter and the aftermath of a cold front are excellent instances of this. Moreover, I will also suggest the anglers to take the best lures to catch pike that will surely help them.

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