Famous Lures for Northern Pike- Exclusive Guide 2023

Northern Pike

The body of the northern pike is torpedo-shaped, long, thin, and muscular. The skin’s top and edges are somewhat green, while its underside is lightweight or white. Esox lucius, a species of carnivorous fish, is also known as the northern pike (the pikes). They are typical of the Northern Hemisphere’s fresh and brackish waterways (i.e. … Read more

Best Braid Lines for Northern Pike- Expert Guide and Reviews

Northern Pike braid lines

Being an angler you might try your hand to catch the Northern Pike, commonly known as the “Shark of the freshwater”. The largemouth, razor-sharp teeth, and insatiable appetite of this creature are terrible to the bone. In comparison to certain other freshwater fish, pike can expand to enormous sizes. Using strong braid lines for northern … Read more