Spinnerbait Success for Bass Fishing: Add Swivel or Not?

I personally don’t consider using Swivel with Spinnerbait a good option. The question for Spinnerbait success for bass fishing: add swivel or not definitely answers in No.  But the design of the spinnerbait is such that it requires a fishing line tied directly to the wire.

Using the direct connection of the line with the wire is due to the fact that the direct pull of the line keeps the flow of spinnerbait good in the water. By using a swivel with spinnerbait you will see that it wobbles and causes more turn in the water. Therefore most anglers don’t allow such a sharp turn as they may lose their target.

Since I have mentioned that I don’t use spinnerbait with swivel but I was curious to know what will happen if I use it. One thing more which was making me curious that how the anglers use it to target their fish in an effective way. Do they really in need of how to set up a fishing line with a swivel? To get the answers to such questions I just made up my mind and went to experience it.

Therefore, I am sharing my keen experience with new anglers as well as experts whether they are taking a good decision with swivel on a fishing line or not. Before going ensure how to choose a fishing line because you are not only going for an experience but also to win.

Ultimate Guide to Add Swivel with Spinnerbait – Learn what to do

I would like to share the best way of adding a swivel with Spinnerbait if you want to have an experience with it. The best thing you should take in your gearbox includes the split ring that has the ability to fit in a bend tightly over the spinnerbait. You should choose the split ring accurately as you have to tie it with your fishing line. I want to make sure you understand what you’re supposed to do and what will be good for you.

Your main goal is to save your fishing line sliding down where the wire of spinnerbaits starts. And if you pick a little split ring over an enormous one, you can achieve this. The use of this small split rig will cause a bend tight with the line and you can easily add swivel with spinnerbait. Normally the split rings have a size of 1/0 to 8 for fishing lures but if you choose a ring with a size 2 with a 3/0 treble your lure will not swim properly. In such a case getting excellent fishing action is nearly impossible.

 If you prefer to use the great fishing knots you will clearly see that they also fall apart. There can be a lot of problems as the fishing line will slide down the spinnerbait’s arm. By adding a swivel with a spinnerbait the action of the lure is not adversely affected. You have to make a fishing swivel setup in such a way that your lure’s performance should not be affected.     

Make Spinnerbaits attractive to get More Bites

In order to get more bites, the best way to add scent to the spinnerbaits. This could be beneficial for anglers especially when they are in dirty water. You will clearly observe that bass are more active and rely on their olfactory system in murky water as compared to clean water. The reason for depending on the smelling sense in the murky water is that they cannot clearly see in such water. But in fresh or clean water they have high-sight skills from which they can find their bait easily.

I mainly understand one thing during my bass fishing experience. The main focus of catching bass in an effective way for each angler is that they should know bass are reliable on their senses. If you are going to catch them in freshwater they focus on their hearing/feeling to their prey baits. As I target my bass with scent, I have seen that bass eats more lures if I indulge and stimulate them to appeal to the lures. Whatever you choose as fishing water, go for the best fishing lines for bass as they play a vital role in your success.

Experience your Spinnerbaits with Scent

Before understanding the spinnerbait setup, think for a minute that whether the bass can see spinnerbait or not. Of course yes, the bass has the capability to feel the vibrations, especially the blades which emit low vibrations which bass enjoys. Therefore, by adding scent to the spinnerbait, your experience of catching bass with the spinnerbait setup will become better.

I have researched that if an angler understands what his targets think or their thinking capability toward the prey, they can eventually target them in an easier way. For instance, using a spinnerbait with scent will make the bass think that there is something really amazing that is swimming toward it.

They will ensure that they should not skip their prey as their scent is very appealing to them. Although this trick is quite useful for fishermen, other factors are also very important. You have to ensure that your gearbox is full of excellent equipment like bass hooks, fishing lines, rods, and reels.

You can choose excellent scent additives from reliable sources from your neighboring area which suit you as there are many companies. In many cases anglers don’t catch their target for the first time, I also faced such situations. But the thing is I didn’t skip it, I added the scent more and more throughout the day to catch bass. However, you will get this trick helpful if your fishing pressure is high.

Reasons for using Swivel with Spinnerbait – Why Anglers Do?

To understand why the anglers use a swivel with a spinnerbait I would share some reasons here. That will enable you to decide how to swivel a fishing line using a spinnerbait more effectively.

By using a swivel it becomes easier for two-line portions can freely and independently revolve. This manner helps to unwind each thread in order to prevent tangling and tangles. If you are a monofilament line user you will really like it because of how-memory rich and susceptible to coils and twists this type of line is. If you want to increase your bass fishing experience, I would suggest you consider the tips to catch bass.

Reasons for using Swivel with Spinnerbait – Why Anglers don’t use?

If you are willing to use them but get confusion with your competitor anglers I would give you the reasons why they don’t prefer to use them. As anglers have a common knowledge that a swivel has the ability to rotate two sections freely they might alter the motion of the fishing lure. And my keen observation is that by adding swivel with Spinnerbait your lure’s motion should ever be affected.

For instance, many fishermen claim that the use of swivels causes spinnerbaits to move unpredictably. This will have an impact on how well your hookset is, which will decrease your probability of catching fish.   One more important thing about not using the swivel is that the leader is too short. And if it is short, hooks may potentially entangle themselves in the swivel. Additionally, one thing you should take care of is not to fully retract with swivels. If not, they will become entangled in the line guides and shorten casting ranges.

Additionally, it increases the likelihood of bird nests developing. Furthermore, if you cast the swivel far enough, it can potentially shatter the line guide. The last thing is that many anglers claim that using swivels on your fishing line will create weak spots. Particularly, you will check that the knots are not sufficiently tight. You will require two additional knots while adding a swivel to your line. As a result, your rig is more prone to become snagged.  Using the best bass baits for making your fishing experience better is the best idea.

Finalizing it off!

I have covered all the necessary things to use a swivel with spinnerbait but more pros and cons you can find by your experience. You are not bound to target bass by using spinnerbait, it’s your choice which fish bait suits you. I have often used jerkbaits for bass and of course, they are also well and good to catch bass. If you are using a swivel, ensure that your swivel is separate from the spinnerbait.

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