The Best lures for Bass Fishing – Beginners Guide 2023

Bass Fishing Lures

Being a novice, are you going to catch bass? Yes, you can do but have enough confidence to know all about bass fishing. What a novice needs to know before going for bass fishing is to choose the right Bass gear, Bass fishing lures, and their feeding factors. Here is the right place where you … Read more

Famous Baits for Largemouth Bass- Exclusive Guide 2023

Famous Baits for Largemouth Bass

What else can I say about largemouth bass that hasn’t been stated elsewhere? Most likely, not much. Excluding Alaska (although it wouldn’t amaze me if there were a few hanging around there as well), largemouth bass are the most common gamefish in North America. Numerous books, newspaper columns, fishing shows, and other media have been … Read more

Do Bass Eat Worms – Dead Worms & Night Crawlers

Do Bass Eat Worms

I found this question to be most important before fishing bass do bass eat worms? Since I have already discussed in my articles that I do comprehensive research to prepare my tool kit regarding the bass baits. Therefore I did this work for dead worms as well as night crawlers too. Using the dead worms … Read more

Ideal Range of Temperature for Bass Fishing- Epic Tips and Tricks

Bass Fishing water temperature

Water temperature for bass fishing is the most important component to consider when going out to fish for bass. Although bass will readily bite in water between 61 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature range to capture bass consistently is between 74 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit when bass are actively feeding, and midday highs … Read more

Spotted Bass Vs Largemouth Bass – Premier Differences 2023

Spotted Bass Vs Largemouth Bass

Spotted Bass and Largemouth bass both lie in the category of freshwater species and look similar sometimes to many anglers. However, their appearance can be the same but there are premier differences to extract between Spotted Bass vs Largemouth Bass. The major difference that one can see in spotted bass vs largemouth is their lifetime … Read more